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The Chicosci Summer Party 2015

Alas! Since I am currently jobless, I can afford to go to this. I can’t remember why I cannot go on previous years – maybe because it always fall on the same date with our company summer outing.

Masaya. And I did not expect na magiging sobrang saya niya kasi same lang din naman un mga kakantahin nila. Wala naman masyadong bago except sa lineup.
Pagkapunta namin meron ata kaming di napanood na 2 or 3 bands sa lineup – kumain muna kami dun sa Rewind sa Collective (with 80s and 90s vibe).
When we came in, Gracenote is already playing, followed by Sirens and Save Me Hollywood. They were all very energetic but Save Me Hollywood took it to a whole new level. Julz Savard is a really great performer! Hands down! And then they were followed by Jejaview. ✌️

Around this time, I was already feeling sleepy (signs of aging! haha!), it was already past 2 am.
And then came Chicosci! What’s new? Maybe not much. But it was still fun. And I am always thankful that Chicosci always hold annual summer party and christmas party (except for 2014) for their fans. I am proud because this is the band that I chose to love. Maybe they were not the best for all but they were the best for me!

     And what’s really amazing is them – them playing and fooling around onstage. Them just doing what they love. It was really funny when Miggy was looking for someone who knows the steps to Macarena. 😊 And his bandmates reaction to that! Since I have always seen them play a lot – this fooling around times is priceless! 👍
And maybe that’s why I love them – they are funny (and I mean this in the best way possible). They don’t try to impress because their fans like them just the way they are. Thank you Chicosci for staying alive, for still being here, for continuing even if other members left and were replaced. Come to think of it, I already know them back to the time when they still have their former members (Yugs, Joel and Sonny). Their fans also come and go – I notice this when others don’t know their old old songs! But they still continue even until now that most of them already have their own families.
And I am touched, when Miggy thanked all their fans who have been with them eons ago. They appreciate it. ✌️

 Thank you Chicosci, for continuing despite of all the bands disbanding left and right. Will wait for your next album bukas makalawa! Kudos!
And I still remember what’s written on their fourth album: “we will never die.” It still holds true until today.

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