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Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow

The first thought that came to my mind after celebrating my birthday is: “I am already 25- I should freaking act like it!”
Haha. For those who don’t know me, I don’t look 25, I don’t act 25 and I certainly don’t think like a 25-year-old at all. 😃 It’s a struggle, really – I think I am still at the early 20s or something.
They say 25 is an important age – and yes, it applies to me. Not because of the age but because I recently made a life-changing decision, that is, to venture in another world and leave my comfort zone. I guess, that will be my mantra for this age: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. ” But my life actually already begun the moment I was born, so yeah, I am literal like this. How about, “Life must be spent doing something that makes you come alive.” ? Yeah, that fits- it eliminates all the mediocre things in life. 👍 Plus, it makes me wonder, what are those things that make me come alive?
Let’s see, wandering? Ah, yes, for my birthday I wandered in Baguio. It was my plan since 2012- to go in Baguio on my birthday. Finally after three years, it was able to materialize. What I really liked in Baguio is the way they appreciate art. Darn, it was like a large Cubao X or The Collective. It wasn’t so bad to settle there and make art – if I wasn’t a city girl since birth, it was not a bad idea to live there. But being me, there is just SO many things that I will miss in Manila. And I really like to wander, to look up at the sky too much. I’ll never know how many skies that I still have to look up to.

Hustle. There is just so many things that I like and can be passionate about. Photography. Typography. Calligraphy. Craft. Music. Travelling. Writing. Books. Reading. Motion design. Graphic Arts. Cinematography. Video Editing. Musical scoring. I really really have a lot of interests and sometimes I really regret that I only have one life to do all of these things. And sometimes I wonder if it’s too late that I only discovered these things a few years ago. If only I could go back – will I pursue a course that doesn’t assure a work after graduating? Will I pursue the moon? I think about it forward and backwards but no matter how many times I think about it- I will still go on the safe side- that leads me back to thinking that this is God’s perfect timing. It is never too late to discover something you’re passionate about. I remember a verse during my college days: “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. ” We all have a twisted understanding of this, that if we are happy in God- He will give us what we wanted that time. But our Pastor corrected us: God will not give you want you want now. If you delight yourself in the Lord- He will be the one to give what your heart will really desire. Back during those times- I really don’t have many interests and it makes me wonder if God really had put all these things that I will desire and be passionate about. After all, it is God that gave me talent so it makes sense that it is God who put me in this place. Heavenly Father, thank you so much because You made me who I am today. I don’t really care about anything but You really gave me the desires of my heart. I am just so so scared that I won’t be able to reach my full potential. I am so scared that I am not as talented as I thought I would be. But then hustle. Hustle beats talent when talent do not hustle. So yeah, I will hustle every moment.

I aspire to inspire before I expire. I would like to think that it is my purpose in life: to inspire. There are so many persons that I look up to and inspired me, I call them my heroes. And just once, I wanted to give back- not so that people will look up to me- but for once I wanted to inspire someone, I wanted someone to be inspired to reach his/her dream, I want to be able to help someone build his dream and reach for it. It is not about me but about them. I wanted to give back. Just as my heroes inspired me to push through- I wanted to inspire someone to push also.
I guess that’s all the things that make me come alive. 25 is a good year to achieve dreams. To pursue it. To practice. It is never too late to discover your dreams. Back then, I am just so empty because I climbed a mountain and found nothing on top but now I see before me plenty of mountains to climb. I better start to climb one of those mountains- one by one- I will climb and look back and know that a long time ago, I prayed for all of these desires from God.
“Sometimes life is about risking everything for a dream no one can see but you. “

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