letters to the future

And Finally, Hello to New Adventures 

“And suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. ”

I guess this post is complement of my previous post. As the song goes, “Every new beginning come from some other beginning’s end.” And here ends my bum life. Cheers!
I just wanted to say that new beginnings always scares me. And at the same time excites me. I am really a burst of paradox. I really like surprises but I don’t easily get surprised. And I don’t like disappointments but I expect a lot.
Huh! So, tomorrow marks a new adventure for me. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the path I am going to take will make me happy. After all, it is my decision. I abandoned my previous ship because I know it will still stand without me on it, but that does not change the fact the I abandon-ship because I was afraid that it will sink. Maybe it will sink if I am still there. I don’t know- I guess it’s better to move on and move forward. The past is just history. The past will guide our future but we don’t need to live in the past. So, from here on in, I am embracing my future. ✌️
Hello to all things new.
Hello to night shift – to rush hour free days but maybe a little-less-traffic days.
Hello to preparing my own food- healthy lifestyle- fastfood free days.
Hello to being a nocturnal-human being.
Hello to new environment and colleagues.
Hello to new work- I hope a challenging one!
Hello to time-management to keep all my personal projects in check.
Hello to being organized in time and resources and interests.
Hello to the new people I am going to meet.
Hello to my old friends that I will now have time to meet.
Hello to the me-time that I can spend in nurturing my hobbies.
Hello to the new me and my new adventure.
I guess, I will have a lot of things that I will say hello to and I can’t list it all here. Haha! So, hello to all the things I still didn’t know now but I will soon.
What can I say- this is a life-changing path for me. This will determine what I am going to do for the rest of my life- if I can go on freelancing or sidelining while I maintain a corporate job. What matters is I am going to pursue my interests- because that is where my heart is.
And suddenly I know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.
Kudos! Fighting!

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