letters to my younger self

Let’s Just Say Goodbye to Bum Days

Lettering by Ella Lama

“And suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. ”
After I quit my almost four-year-long job , I’ve been living a bum life for almost two months. But I guess all good things must change – either for better, or for worse. I still didn’t know now, but I will, soon.
Goodbye to those worry-free Sunday nights where I don’t need to worry what will happen tomorrow at work because I have none and I need not worry.
Goodbye to those days where I don’t need to keep track of days because Fridays are like every other day to me.
Goodbye to the times where I can wake up and sleep whenever I feel like it.
Goodbye to those days where I can literally read a book all day and no one will have a say about it. 1:1 ratio of a book and a day.
Goodbye to those days that I can marathon a series until early morning.
Goodbye to procrastinating a lot of my self-projects because there is always tomorrow.
Goodbye to the household chores that I always do because I have no excuse.
Goodbye to just walking out in the afternoon just to meet friends.
Goodbye to overspending – I will budget my future income wisely. 😊
Goodbye to spending a lot of time on the internet.
Goodbye to the heat that the summer brought.
Lastly, goodbye to being a bum – I certainly enjoyed it BUT for now I must move forward.


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