letters to the future

The Complexities of a June Girl

I really don’t know how I should title my blog for June. It is a beginning but it’s also an end. I turned 25 last June so I guess it’s goodbye to younger days and hello to what they call the quarter life. I also said goodbye to bum life because by the end of this month – I got a job, or work, or employment. As it is, goodbye to carefree days and hello to eight-hour-shift a day. And nightshift because I don’t know what happened to me – it’s just that I suddenly thought that I could survive. I had this thirst to be different from everyone else and I guess THAT would make me different. Little did I know that I would regret this. Haha. But more of that on next month. For now – I will just keep in moving. 
So, last month, huh? I accepted an offer that is really out of my box. I did something I did not expect myself to do. Haha. 
But maybe the real highlight will be my family and friends. I said to God, I am just so so glad and thankful that He gave me this family, these wonderful wonderful friends that I have and dreams – as in many. And I could not ask for more. 
And I am reminded if that bible verse from Job 2:10 “Shall we accept good from God and not bad?”. 
Maybe now, I am so blessed with these friends that I am going to keep and mu family that is getting stronger than ever – how can I possibly ask for more? If anything, I just want to give back. All the love that I receive I want to give back. 
I travelled in Baguio with my family and I have met many many of my friends because I had a lot of time last month. I miss them. I very much miss them even if they are just a text away. It’s just that I really miss encountering them on a daily basis and now I have nowhere to go. Which brings me back to that verse. An eye opener.
I guess things are different now but I chose this. I chose to live in my comfort zone. And I guess it’s time to trust my instincts, close my eyes and leap! (To quote defying gravity). 
It just amuses me that my birthmonth is really a paradox. And I live in paradox. A burst of paradox. 

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