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Dicta License’s Not Final Gig (or Second Last Gig)

It’s already been a week since that last gig of Dicta License but I can’t still get over how euphoric that is. For me, and for the countless fans of Dicta License that were at B-Side that night.
I will confess, I only knew Dicta from their first single, Ang Ating Araw. That song was very promising and it speaks of hope. And hope it still gives me- until now. And then their song, Alay sa mga Nagkamalay Noong Dekada Nobenta, which is a song for the generation born on the 90s in which I belong to. Yeah, I was old now. Haha. Back then, I just knew they were different.
Then I continued on my usual life – I was already working that time when news broke out that Pochoy (Dicta’s vocalist) had become a lawyer. That was also the time I knew that Dicta License had already broken up. Yeah, I know- I’ve been living under a rock and I didn’t know. But truth be told, I felt sad. It’s such a waste because you cannot find any other band whose songs were about things that truly matter.
And then, news about Pochoy’s new band surfaced. It was Malay. I tried to listen to their song and I was entranced, once again by the seemingly palpable lyrics. But I was so busy working at a firm that I can’t spare a time to see them live. Their song, Halina is like my life’s soundtrack. It is a song about reaching for your dreams and not wasting more second in mediocrity.
It was December 2014 when news about Dicta License’s reunion gig in Rock the Riles came up. But December is the busiest time for accountants like me so I still could not come.
There were many other gigs that I pass up. But when I watched Save Me Hollywood at B-Side during Chicosci’s summer party – I was determined to look for their album. And there I bought it along with Malay’s Your Year. Imagine my giddy face as I saw these two at a local record store. My faith in humanity is restored- all along I thought I cannot find them with all the garbage records you see on mainstream TV. I thought that was it.
But then Pochoy posted that he will be leaving for a year and that he only have a few gigs left in July for Malay and Dicta License. I was horrified. How many chances had I passed up and wasted. And then that was the time that I was already on nightshift. I was really torn.
And then my prayers had been answered – there was a Saturday gig! I did not hesitate. It was raining last Saturday and I was already tired from malling and my sister who will accompany me is stuck in traffic. I thought I would go alone but heck, I would go there even if I’m alone. It was my last chance to see them play live. I mean, I know this won’t be the last but still, it would take a while for the next one so I cannot pass up this chance.
Thankfully, my sister came and we got there by 10pm. We didn’t even know all the other bands except Sandwich. We just stayed outside. And then here comes Pochoy. I didn’t even recognize him at first. He looks so ordinary, but in a good way. He greeted all the people he knew there, how I wish I were among those people. Haha. I just hesitated and hesitated until two girls started to ask to take a picture with him. 😊 And my sister pushed me towards him and all I could utter was to ask him to sign my Malay’s Your Year CD. Actually, he seemed surprised that I brought a Malay CD on a Dicta License gig. But he seemed amused also and he even asked for my name so he can write it in the CD. ✌️ And I also asked to take a picture with him. I cannot say any other word except a lot of thank yous. Honestly that was the best two minutes of my life. I can still feel it until now.

But really that was one of my dreams. Finally, I get to meet one of my heroes- the one who wrote the song that inspired me to do something with my life instead of just working at a firm, spending, eating, etc. He inspired me to reach for my dreams, to strive to be different, to be better. And for that reason, I owe him a lot. I’m not joking when I said Halina would be my life’s OST. There were a lot of heroes in my life but I still have got to meet all of them. Pochoy was the first. It is such a shame that I haven’t had the chance to tell him this at that time because I was too shy and starstruck. But then I was thankful that I did not. He would have probably been weirded-out.
More bands came to play. I was amazed with Sandwich’s new songs. It was great and I think people must listen to their music again. They’re still not done with this industry. They’re still getting better even if they were already great.

And then the time that we had all been waiting had finally come. It was Dicta License live in all its glory. It was my first time to watch them live and paradoxically, it was their last gig until who knows when. But it was there that I realised and saw what I was missing on. I should not have passed on all those chances. I should have strived to listen to their songs more like what I did to other indie bands I listen to. I felt such a shame that it was already ten years until I finally realised that Dicta License is a band that you cannot compare to any other. I only knew five of their songs but I enjoyed even those that I did not know. I was almost crying toward the end of their set when people were shouting more and then they already played all of their songs and there’s none left. Haha. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ It was epic. It was there that I really knew “Life must be spent doing something that makes you come alive.”.
I must’ve been living under a rock until now. I listened to them way back in my highschool years until now, that I am already four years in the corporate world- it sure is a long time. But still it was worth it. Dicta License is a band that you would be proud of that you listen to. All of them were very great. Pochoy on vocals, Kelley on bass, Boogie on guitars and Bryan on drums. It was a group that I will strive to listen to, no matter how long I have to wait. They wrote about songs that matter, about things that we need to know – to hope, to take action.
I must have been really slow but I have catched up with Dicta now. And even if they took a temporary break- I will wait. Honestly I felt a deep sense of appreciation for Dicta’s fans who waited for them since their breakup last 2007 until 2014. Seven years is a long time. But still they were there.
And now, I promise, I will be among them who’ll wait for Dicta License come back again. At that time I will know all of their songs. 😊 Hopefully they will be able to release new material. Kudos Dicta License!

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