And Just Like That, I Already Crossed Two Months Off of 2015

August and September. The two months that pass faster than any other months for me. 

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If I am going to look back last August- it was like stepping in uncharted territory. But it turns out September is fearing to step in an even more uncharted territory. 

August is, by all means, accepting that I have come to another island. And while it is too pleasant to remember all those blessed times from where I came from- I have to accept that there is nothing to go back to. Apparently, the CAS I kept on remembering is no longer an “is” but a “was”. And it will only live in my memories, a painful reminder that once you leave, you can’t always go back and expect them to stay the same. 

I had a hangover from Dicta License’s sendoff gig for Pochoy. Even then, I was thankful because I knew that my resolve in having high standards is faltering and I was glad that I met Pochoy. I was glad and hopeless at the same time. I told my closest friend that I am in melancholy because even if I found the person that completely checks all the boxes in my list, he is on an entirely different level than me. I haven’t really found him because he exists in another world- like he is from a book and he is almost a celebrity except he’s only famous as a musician. Haha. If only I can find someone like him. 

But this is also where our teambuilding happened – where I met a lot of people I don’t constantly work with. It was okay, average, but I guess okay is not okay until unexpected happens. This is the first time that I found myself in the middle of all those people I’m not close with and still find myself enjoying. It was tiring actually but fulfilling, even if my team doesn’t have an ounce of competitiveness to begin with- even if I had a lot of epic failures- even if I am constantly feeling left out and not- it was bliss. I guess. 

And then there’s Cinemalaya. Where Des and Nathan joined. It was endearing to the point where I teared. But who am I fooling? I always cry whenever there’s a death scene so that doesn’t really count. It just fueled my desire to climb Mt. Pulag. 😊 After watching, the three of us TALKED. It was an understatement. We discussed a lot of things. A lot of things that I never really talked about with other people. Maybe it was because we knew each other from college- from our formative years- that’s why we can talk about a lot of things- and it was mentally and physically exhausting to discuss things but satisfying. Satisfying in a way that I cannot discuss what we talked about with other people in the same level that we did and that somehow adds value to our friendship. 

Uhm, what else? This is also when lola passed away and I cannot participate in our presentation and also the onboarding with Bern. 😊 

And The Nook visit with Ey, Ana and Des. Friendship goals- when your closest friends meet each other. Haha. It was fun and tiring and we waited very very long. 😊 But we were bonded with our love for HP. And at last, I finally got to be in the outskirts of Maginhawa Street. 

But I guess at the end of August is challenging. At work. Because, alas! after two months I will finally have something to do. I will say goodbye to those nga-nga mode in the office. And it was challenging in a way that it’s make it or break it. But then we’re going  to sacrifice the Saturdays of September. Kudos!

And then there’s September. 

The month where I was surprised that the CAS I left will no longer be the same again. One of the reasons why I stayed is finally going away. *sighs* I am sad and happy at the same time. Happy for him but sad for those who will be left behind. 😟 But I guess that’s the beauty of life- that there is always a change. And the start of Saturday workdays where I embarassed myself to the fourth degree. (Breath of relief that it’s over. ) There. I guess that was the start of stepping in uncharted territory. Though my next month’s post will say otherwise. 

And the overnight- that we did one Saturday just so we will not have to work on the next Saturday. I guess that’s the time where I saw a very workaholic person. Like I just want to ask where do your weekends go? Like I can understand it if you’re in an auditing firm but this is a private corporation and all along I thought those things don’t happen here. But I guess I was wrong. 

But this is also the time that I get to bond with my new colleagues- especially when we sleep at the office lounge 😊 and crave for pancakes the next morning. Truly, when you work together, that’s the time that you can relate and maybe that’s why things were so slow for me– because I didn’t really have tons of work. 

And the annual book fair that got me pissed but then feel so blessed that I have my friends for keeps, friends that is always there when you need them. But this is also the book fair that tramples and ignored my budget! 

And who could ever forget the Heneral Luna experience- that I watched three times! This film that made me so active in social media. I can not say it enough, I am deeply in awe of what the film is in its entirety- kumbaga walang tapon! And what’s really amazing is that it made me do things I’d rather not do. It made me move, it made me encourage my friends to watch it, it made me promote like a madman. Haha. 

But lastly, I guess, before September ends is that it fueled my dreams of becoming a designer, or letterer, or freelancer. God knows how I am so unsure of what steps to take but I guess I have to start somewhere and that “somewhere” is sitting in front of me now. 

I am hesitating but I am going for it at the same time. Let’s get out of the comfort zone more! I am anxious and excited of how these things will turn out. And if I am going to discover myself once again. 😊


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