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A Series of Un + Fortunate Events

It’s been months since the last time I wrote. And it just occurred to me that I can never fully commit to making writing habits. Like that one time last 2014, where I committed myself to write a blog every week — I totally failed it. And late this year, when I would write a monthly blog — I did it but it didn’t last long.

So there, I am finally done with obligating myself to write. I have come to a conclusion that writing shouldn’t be forced. It should come out inside of you like exhaling carbon dioxide – naturally and you don’t notice it but you do – because if you don’t- then you’ll die. (insert morbid laugh)

So, what am I here for to write?

I’ve been sick. And it’s no wonder I am sick. I’ve been pushing myself to the limits, after the whirlwind of activities for the last three weeks, I guess I am just waiting for my body to finally catch me and punish me for overusing it. And I’m thanking it from the inside because have I not been sick, I probably won’t have time to write this, and I really really want to document this adventures.

Then again I’ll make a list: Things that made me busy for the last three weeks, A list. (1) Palawan Trip; (2) Cebu Getaway; (3) MIT year end party; (4) TMD2 year end celebration; (5) Typekita + Senior Year Marathon; and lastly (6) Wedding coordination.

To start off, the Palawan Trip. Of which I am really really excited because El Nido, Palawan is on top of my travel destinations, aside from Batanes and Hokkaido. And it was in here that I had a lot of firsts. First time to web check-in, first time to ride an airplane alone, first time for the airplane to be delayed for more than five hours, first time to land in a city with nowhere to go because my travel buddies’ flight were cancelled, first time to check in to a hotel alone, first time to do a city tour by myself. I could probably make this list go on forever but I would not. So yeah, the first day in Palawan was very unexpected. I got in the evening with nowhere to go. But who am I kidding, I was not young anymore, things like this were handled by adults seamlessly, I should not make it a big issue- but it is for me – because I was not prepared. All I wanted to do that night was to have someone to talk to so I called my friends. And even in the morning- all my friends know this- that I can’t eat alone- but gathering all the strength I could muster, I walked and searched for food because I was really hungry. And it is then that I decided to take a city tour of Puerto Princesa all by myself. Travelling alone was humbling, to the point where you realise that you can’t live alone, you have to ask for others for help and help they gave to me. I often don’t care about other people because I am trapped and busy creating a world inside of me that I forgot there’s a whole world out there waiting for me to reach it and circumstances like this made me remember it again. I was so proud of myself that I navigated through Puerto Princesa alone, I talked to a lot of people, and explored the city. I guess it was a first for me, have I not been forced by the circumstance, this should have been at the back of my bucket list.

In the afternoon, I walked up to the hotel I am staying at. I believed in this, that I haven’t really been in a place if I have not travelled it by foot. And that afternoon walk has that certain calm. 🙂 After that, I was reunited with my friends and together, we’re headed for El Nido. It was already late at night when we got there so we just bought snacks to eat before the electricity was cut off and we really have nothing to do except to sleep. The next day was  a whole day tour of El Nido where the waves were splashing on our boat left and right. It was fun and funnier because I got carried on by the waves. Too tiring but then again fulfilling, and then we travelled back to Puerto Princesa at night.

The next day was the Honda bay tour – it was on time unlike yesterday but there’s is that uneasy feeling in my stomach. And I also got a first in here, where I jumped on a flipboard. Feels like: “But what if I fall? But darling, what if you fly? – Erin Hanson”. We also got henna tattoos and just lied on the sand like siesta. After that, another travel again to the island resort of Dos Palmas, which was very exciting because the scenery is just too good. And the sunset! The room was so inviting but it can wait until midnight. We hope to kayak but it was already nightfall so we instead played tennis. We really played tennis, because we don’t play it like a pro- it’s just that we had that one semester of PE and 50% of the time were playing were spent on remembering how to play. We ate crabs for dinner and enjoyed the swimming pool until midnight. I am so very tired that I instantly fell asleep when I hit the bed.

It started going downfall when I woke up the next day and found out that my friend needs to be sent to the hospital because of stomachache. So, goodbye to buffet breakfast, kayakking, island hopping and many others. Thus, ended my Palawan trip with so many mishaps left and right, but I still enjoyed it, if it was just monotonous then what is there to write about?

I went home at maybe close to midnight because there’s nothing more welcoming in manila like EDSA traffic! I hope to write all about it but I can’t because I need to sleep. Tomorrow is my little sister’s birthday and I need to still wash plenty of clothes. So yeah, this is like a mini-activity where we ate at Bulgogi Brothers – korean food galore! Mashita!

This is where I know I’ve probably messed up my schedule because who makes trips on back-to-back weekends? And I only went to office for two days that week! The trip to Cebu was free-flowing. I remembered I was very ashamed to walk into the office wearing shorts and slippers and sporting my pink backpack. Because we’re already hungry, we ate the very delicious shawarma sold in the Mactan airport. After that we headed directly to bucket shrimp! My favorite food- shrimp! We walked the city to look for video house. And we sing until we’re knocked out. And we started off the next day very early – to go to the south of Cebu- Oslob. The whale shark is so huge I get scared every time it came near us. Then island hopping to Oslob still, and Moalboal. We saw starfishes, sea turtles, and even felt jellyfishes and the many many multicoloured fishes. But to top it off- sunsets!

Since it was very late at the night when we arrived at the hotel, we just searched for restaurant where we can order food and thankfully, we saw this (forgive me! I forgot the name of the restaurant) Italian restaurant – and we ordered pasta! and pizza! with much gusto. It was heavenly delicious – and you might say I’m biased because all pizza and pasta tastes good to me. 🙂

The next day was spent touring the city where we scrambled upon our memory how and why Lapu-Lapu fought with Magellan. I guess that’s why travelling is a must. You don’t only get to travel to places, but it also takes you back in time. And we continued on pigging out with shrimp! Haha. Then, we went to the Taoist Temple, Yap San Diego Ancestral House (where it piques my interest in the overall design of the house) and then we went by foot to the Magellan’s Cross where we passed through many, many churches and many, many people. The last stop should be the newly built SM seaside but alas! there are only very many people and very few stores inside. I guess, never go on a mall when you visit other places – it was just like any other mall in Metro Manila. (Haha, sorry, city girl in here, and I delight in the picturesque view that I’m so not used to, growing up in a city). And then the last stop is the chubi-chubi jr – where we ate – lo! and behold! – the buttered shrimp again. The shrimp community might really hate us for eating a lot during this Cebu trip. Hahaha.

It was the last night at Cebu and we watched Cinderella at the hotel we’re staying at. Sleep it really gave us after. And then, surprise! The movie in the morning is A Cinderella Story. What a coincidence! And also, I can’t seem to go to the bathroom unlesss and until I finished watching this movie. It was 2003, I think, when I first watched this movie and until now, I liked it. I mean, I liked it more now because of its simplicity. I mean, even if it was the same as all the other chick flicks I’ve watched before, it never gets old – there is still that cringing feeling you have when you watch it, “feeling high school”, I must say. But then, all adventures end to give way to new. And if you want thrill, there it is at the end, when we almost didn’t make it to our flight and we were running on the steps of Mactan airport. But we were able to make it.

And so, we’re back in Manila. Where we headed straight to the office. What can I say? It was not really tiring, at least, in this morning, because I know, we know that later that night, we’ll be doing a lot (since we were part of the organising committee of the party).

So this is the part 3. But first, I remember us having the chocolate cake. And I remember us having no fork or spoon to eat it with. And I also remembered how creative we were in using chopsticks to eat the cake. 🙂 I think it taste better using chopsticks. I didn’t remember most of what happened during the party. I was among the registration people so I didn’t really know what’s happening inside since most of the time of the party, I was outside welcoming everyone. Before, I thought that that was the easiest part of the team, because you know, you only have to greet everyone and make them list their names and you are just sitting outside. But I guess, it was still hard because you will miss most parts of the party. But then again, who am I kidding, I’m not into parties anyway.

But it was fulfilling. And fun. Even if I was always hesitant. Because I don’t know most of them. I don’t even know me. Haha. But even then, I think the Lord is always teaching me something. Always giving me challenges. Because the old me will never find myself in that situation. The old me will never thought of being the frontliner in welcoming people. I was afraid of people! But it worked out alright.

And then after four days, we held our own team’s year end party after shift. So that was at 2:00am to 5:00am. It was also a sendoff party for our team manager – because he is going to be promoted – and he will be assigned to a new team. 😦 I know it’s both happy and sad party. I was actually sad about this. I mean, of course I am happy because my team leader was promoted. But it was also a shame. I mean, in that small amount of time of being a subordinate, I found out that I was under the most brilliant leader – like if you’re going to ask him to explain something, he will explain it in such clarity and fullness that you can’t even add anything because he already said all there is to say in a very understandable way – that’s how amazing he is. And that is also why, I am sad that I can’t learn from him anymore. Oh well, but maybe still – the world is round.

After that videoke party, I headed home not completing my sleep because I have an exhibit to attend that same day. In Makati. But I live in Fairview. You do the geography. Haha. 🙂 It was the typekita exhibit. It was the third. And I don’t know, it just happened that I attended the first two, so it’s like automatic for me to go to the third one! The first time, I had with me is Kath, the second one is Gen and now I am with Nathan. I had no fixed person to be with during these types of exhibits but because I really like to attend to them, I invite other people. Haha. We even designed notebooks! 🙂 But that was not the end of that day. We still need to catch up on the showing of Senior Year at Teatrino, Greenhills. So this is like this for me this day: Makati – Fairview – Makati – Greenhills. I know, this should have been easy if you had a car but no, I commute. 🙂 And ask the many people of Manila how hard it is to commute using public transportation. (Yes, I’m looking at you, MRT!) We probably missed the first 15 minutes of the film but it was worth it. After the film, they originally planned to go to Maginhawa (no! have mercy on me, please!) but then decided not to. (Yes!) So we just ate Ramen and the butter beer at Fully Booked. And if you think that is where it ends, no, because it is a book store and very rarely I leave a bookstore empty handed. You probably guessed it right, I bought a book! Quiet by Susan Cain. (Which reminds me that I still haven’t found the time to read the book.)

And then, after that too-many-places-to-go day, the next day I was a wedding reception organiser. Yes. You heard it right. My first foray into the events management is being a registration focal but here I am, dragging my feet because I am suddenly the day reception coordinator – but thank God, I was not alone. 🙂 It was simple at first. But who would have guessed that a simple glitch is hiding behind a corner. And then when the time is coming up, it sneaks at you from behind and boom! Surprise! You have not planned for this type of catering failure. You go round and round checking on things, making things look alright, even if you know it’s not. But who cares, all you care about is that they won’t feel it, won’t know about it. After exhausting all your physical and emotional strength, alas, after failing you, they came. It was okay, it was fine. But I guess, I swore I would never do anything like that again. 🙂

I probably read this so many times from a text message (back when text message quotes were popular) that I even memorized this: “Being tired sometimes is a small price to pay for living a full life.”

So yeah, I won’t complain. I was happy but tired but also ecstatic. Because I was able to do a lot of things, be in many places and learn from them. 🙂

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