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Dicta License’s First and Last Gig for 2016

As you very well know, (or maybe not!) I am in deep awe and amazement of Dicta License’s send off gig for Pochoy Labog (Dicta License’s frontman) last July 2015 because he is going to study masters in law in US, I think. From there, I realised that it’s such a waste and am in deep shame because I only get to experience this band’s music only now – well deeply – because I in fact listened to this band in high school just not that much.

Oh, very well, I thought I will wait for two years for Dicta License’s next gig but then this came up as a surprise.


I know, I know. As a fan of their music – I am not allowed to have second thoughts. I mean  – hey! it’s staring at me right then and there telling me to go and it’s been like, eight months since their last gig.

So, I very well, invited my older sister (who only happens to be my only gig buddy) but chances are not on her because she’ll be climbing up Mt. Ulap on that same day. One no. Then I talked with my oldest friend to accompany me- but sadly she, too was unavailable because she’s in Subic. Two Nos. Then another friend show has a fun run the next day so she can’t afford to to. Three Nos. Then another one, who has a team building, then another one who has a sleepover. By this time I am running out of friends – even those that was not really on this kind of things. After a series of nos, finally there were two friends that will go with me.

Haha. I know. Some of you might probably think that if I really wanted to go – I should just go alone. But I guess there is still a fear in me that I am afraid of crowd, I am afraid of people.

On that day, one of those two cancelled. So here I am, having second thoughts if I will continue on going. Case on point because I live in Commonwealth, QC – and I have to go to the outskirts of Makati on a Saturday night when I can just very comfortably cuddle up in my bed and have no hassle.

One of my closest friend encouraged me when I was hesitating: “You should go, for sure you will enjoy it!”

And I am thankful for it.

Because it was the only gig of Dicta License for 2016! Ha! I didn’t even know it! Beat that!

So there, my friend and me meet up at 8:30pm and we stalled until 9:30 because based on experience they will start at probably one or two hours past the scheduled time. True enough, because when we got there at 10:00 pm there was no music. No one has performed yet.

First to perform was Deranged Poet at 11pm. Then Earthmover followed closely by Hilera who was a surprise because I didn’t really expected them. And here I remember that I even own their first album! 🙂

By the time of Hilera we got out of Saguijo because there are far too many people and too less air.

But then after Hilera’s performance we sneaked again inside amidst all the people. And even though I cannot see them, I can only see the ceiling and the backs of all the large gentlemen in front of me that also came to see Dicta License, I was happy – I get to hear Dicta License again, performing their songs!

I think I will say this now – even though ChicoSci was the first band that started everything for me – I even have my own wordings for their music video, A Promise – “the music video that started it all”-  because have I not watched that video, I would never like them and then I would never be opened to those kinds of music.

But Dicta License – and I’ll say this in tagalog just because – sila ‘yung nagmulat ng kamalayan ko – I can never say that in english with the same weight.

And I will wait for them, no matter how long it takes.

They performed as always- at ang laging panimula – Sugat, Complex, The Enemy, Daloy ng Kamalayan, Tinangay, Alay sa mga Nagkamalay Noong Dekada Nobenta and lastly (supposed to be) Ang Ating Araw.

And even then I was sad – because I really wanted them to play DOTFB. 😦

When I realised that they last two songs were Alay and Ating Araw – I was sad albeit very grateful. Heck, we even have a bonus as Pochoy Labog has a few inspirational message for us especially now – PH elections is coming nearer.


But then as Pochoy utters words of an unfamilliar song – all the crowd goes quiet and then he laughs because he forgot the lyrics and then continues on to DOTFB’s verse. I knew it! DOTFB is their encore song! And even if Pochoy forgots that one line – still they were superb, they were amazing, they were beyond expectations! I love them.


I guess, Dicta License’s album will be on repeat for the coming months.

And I never expected (again!) to have a picture with him. I was thinking of only watching them play. But I guess this is a bonus! It will keep me alive for the coming months. ^_^

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