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The One-Year-in-the-Making Capones Tour (with the Nagsasa Cove as the main tour!)

Late last year, when I am at last – free from all the weight of my previous work, my very friend did not invite me to a day tour at Capones and I only saw it after the pictures were uploaded in Facebook (darn, what FB can do to so many people) – so I bugged her to plan another trip to Capones which only materialized this first weekend of August – hence the one year in the making.

So, first things first – it was actually rainy during those times here in Manila so I wondered whether it will be cancelled – but no, it wasn’t cancelled and there we were at Centris (which I always say is the meet-up place whenever you’re going to tour in the North) at 2am of Sunday, August 7 even if it was raining hard at our house and my mother didn’t even want me to leave. It turns out it was not raining at Quezon Ave. The travel was like 4 hours so we arrived at Zambales at 6am. And the clouds were looming. It seems like there will be a rain coming. Haha. Not sure if this was the weather we’re anticipating for an island hopping tour.

Then after all the preparations, we were ready to ride the boat. We initially planned to go first to Anawangin but alas, we cannot because of the weather and because of the large waves on that island so off we departed for Nagsasa Cove instead. But the boat ride it seems – lacks tranquility because of the large waves around us! It was both exciting and dangerous and there I wondered if somehow that is going to be my last trip (forgive the out-of-this-world thinking madness that my mind came up with). But it was not! Actually it seems like it was a ride made out of Enchanted Kingdom – yep, Anchor’s Away, I’m looking straight at you. So you’d think that we won’t have any pictures of the boat because we are so nervous that both of our hands are holding onto the boat to keep us from falling? Wrong! Decie has the guts to take a picture even if the boat is bumping left and right and yes – this is the first time that I asked for a life jacket because the waves look really scary to me.

And when the clouds look so near you could almost touch it!

And then, finally we landed at Nagsasa Cove. And it turns out – we have the island all to ourselves because the people who took an overnight the Saturday before were already leaving. So I think that’s a good trick – to come on Sundays when people were already leaving so you can have the islands all to yourselves!

And because the weather did not seem so inviting – we did not jump into the shores the moment we hit it – no, we just kind of slugged our way into the hut were we took a break from the very thrilling boat ride!  And I guess – because all of us lack sleep, we just want to lie on the seats. Haha. And I guess that is how it started. Initial plan actually (but not according to me) was for some to cook the lunch while the others were swimming but it didn’t actually happen because all of us prepared the food – which, I think is a first for all of us – and which we really enjoyed doing.

So, we made a “sort-of” boodle fight but a little bit small because the banana leaf is a tad bit too small. Here’s what we deliciously had for lunch:

This is where we channeled our inner creativity and resourcefulness, because in an island – you don’t have all the resources or tools that you need like when you are at home.

What else? After a sumptuous feast – we hit the shores!
The waves crashing down on us were really deadly but thrilling – the water is only at your knees but when the waves come – that will be above your head so I must say we’ve done a pretty good job of surviving it! 😉 And then after we exhausted ourselves and we’ve had enough of the waves and the waves had enough of us – we slept. Beach bumming at its finest! After that, we decided to walk around the island – we were tempted to go to the falls but it might take us two hours there and our boat is going to arrive in an hour so that plan was crossed. We then decided to just walk around and these neighborhood dogs went touring with us. Did I mention that we had a dog with us? Panpan – my friend’s pet dog (and here I am still afraid of dogs). They led us into this, this magnificent haven.

Looking at this always make me wonder how blessed I am to marvel at this kind of beauty. Oh how I wish I can spend all my Saturdays in here, cooped up in this tiny little space in the side and just creating typographies while the music is the sound of water flowing and the scenery is relaxing to the eyes – away from all the beeps of traffic, pollution, from the people making noises walking and being busy. Darn. I want to have this at my backyard. Haha. Ambitious me.
The water was relaxing to the feet and here is where Panpan made his first swim!

We took a lot of photos here, though, but not at the expense of not appreciating its beauty though. I guess, sometimes – that’s why I don’t take pictures, sometimes, you got to consumed in the way you want to capture the scenery in print – you forgot to take in all its awesomeness, its marvelous beauty and you just lose the sense of being there at that time because you’re filled up with thoughts of how you’re going to see that photo a little later and how you would appreciate is – in past tense, but not in the present. Or sometimes – I just want that scene to be in my head – possessive much – I don’t want to share it to others!

And so, here ends our tour of Nagsasa Cove. A haven, I think, of calmness, of roaring waves, of the water free flowing, of neighborhood dogs, of the simplicity that life can bring, if we too often strip ourselves of the luxuries we are used to, when we find ourselves in an island and we realize that we don’t need much to be content, to be amazingly complete and blissful because before there were manmade attractions – these scenes were created first, and we owe it to nature to appreciate it. Darn, I’m being a poet right now – a very bad poetry indeed but I hope I get the message across. That even if you cease to appreciate it – nature won’t stop being awesome and amazing and marvelous.

But you might think where is Capones?
It is here in my heart. Haha. I told you I can be possessive sometimes.
We did not take most of the pictures in Capones because we enjoyed it so much.

The clear water, white sand and the delight of swimming in its shores.
Sadly, we were not able to go into the lighthouse and sandbar because of the waves again. But whenever I think of Capones – it’s like I will always come back and think how beautiful over there is.

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