letters to the future

Of Wedding Whatnots

Picture this.

A girl who’s always so fond of wedding videos, of wedding invites, of wedding dresses, wedding trinkets, of wedding whatnots.

And I can tell what you’re thinking.

“That girl dreams of a perfect wedding for her. In the future.”

And I will say to you.

I am that girl. And then I will tell you, no, she is not thinking or dreaming of anything like that.

I am always so fond of weddings – of wedding everythings – but most specially of wedding videos (SDE) and I watch it even if I don’t know who the people in them are.

It’s an amazing way of storytelling – of how a couple managed to find themselves in there.

But my thinking never gone too far from that. Isn’t it usual for someone to just like those things even though as of the moment there’s an unlikely chance that it will happen to them?

Of course, it has crossed my mind. It did. But it often did so with the disclaimer that it will happen in the far, far future. (Which is not good because, you know, we’re all growing older by the minute)

And so maybe I will tell you why those things were something that interests me. It’s like I will always be tied with wedding whatnots, like my subconscious mind will always be associated with it.

Maybe it was because when I was little, I’ll look around the house and see all these wedding invitations from people that my father (who was a wedding photographer) took photos of. Or when my father comes home late Saturday night, he’ll always be bringing back a wedding souvenir. Tell me, and I’ve probably seen all kinds of wedding souvenirs (from the 90s to early 2000s). Or when I see all these wedding positives (like negative on film but in the correct color) to which my father would decide which ones to print. OR maybe it is because of the sheer joy I get whenever I will look at the photo album (and yes, sometimes, I did get a first look at the album before the bride – we, actually, me and my sisters) – part of the perks of being a wedding photographer’s daughter.

And yes, I will tell you, maybe I am always so drawn to weddings – because it is one of those things that subconsciously ties me to my father. Like seeing a bud coming out of the soil of a once-dead plant.

It still makes me think that he was alive. Still.

You can tell me that the wedding videos from back then were so very different from now. And yes, I do agree. Back then, there was only film but now it’s all digital. But still – the aesthetics were still very much the same.

And maybe that’s why I always feel delight in seeing weddings.

It has been instilled in me from back when I was still a little girl.

And I guess this is how, I’ll always keep you alive in my memory. ❤

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