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Yamato Nadeshiko Live Action

(I don’t know, maybe this is the aftermath of being disappointed with that all-elusive Japan tour)

Over the weekend I marathoned ten episodes of Yamato Nadeshiko Live Action.

I know. I know.

I was in the middle of watching Fantastic and Shopping King Louis (both Kdramas) and I was suddenly bored with it.

Then I just scanned through my Tumblr and I saw the pictures from Yamato Nadeshiko Live Action.

That was late Saturday Night. And I don’t know – it’s just suddenly piqued my curiosity and before I knew it, I already finished ten episodes of it. Haha. Way to go!

But despite of all the weirdness and outrageousness of it, beneath the out-of-this-world antics of both the anime and live action – never was there a show that speaks the most truth about being comfortable in your own skin.

Being comfortable in your own skin that it makes you beautiful.

Let that sink in.

And of course, there will still be a backstory to this – and a trip down memory lane wherein I as a  college student – despite the traffic (that doesn’t equate to the humongous traffic we have now), struggles to go home at 6pm, yes 6pm – I will endure the 1.5 hours of traffic to be at home at 6pm just to watch a 30-minute episode of Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge anime.

I remembered that I always battled with Papa who wanted to watch news at that time and wherein I will only want 30 minutes of the television to watch this weird weird show. Haha.

And then it will not be complete without the quotable quotes. 🙂

life is like being lost, apparently. the more you struggle, the more confused you get about what path to take. and that’s scary. everyone looks life an enemy at some point. you think that you’re alone in this world. but, if you’re really lost, all you can do is wait for someone to come get you. the people who care about you will always come get you you have to believe that everyone is working hard to have a full life, right?
you just have to keep trying.


And yeah, I liked it and I liked it even more when my younger sister was making a big deal out of it being weird. It’s weird and I like it. =)

I don’t know, people saying I am weird sounds like a compliment to my ears.

Weird I know.

But I guess – that’s why I like Yamato Nadeshiko even more. It makes you embrace yourself, your weirdness and makes  you comfortable with it.

Besides – there was Hokkaido. (The place I’ve been dreaming of, back when I still don’t know what travel is.)

Now, excuse me, I have to find a black cape. 🙂

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