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A Sunday Well Spent (And It’s Been a While)

(October 30, 2016, Sunday)

I think it was ever since January of this year – that I really wanted to attend a Sunday Service. It was an earnest desire that I never really did something for it to materialise. Then I’m being reminded of that monthly until I realise that I am now at the end of the 10th month of this year and still, never had the chance and never really took that first step towards that earnest desire.

And then, something clicked inside our schedule and then soon, me and my lifelong friend Decie – planned to attend Victory Katipunan this Sunday and then dentist and Sun Life talks after.

The week before that was very busy for me. I spent overtime work and believe me, overtime for dayshift is very different for overtime in nightshift. Back then, I can render 6-8 hours overtime and still came to office the next day, feeling still good and unscathed. But overtime in nightshift is hard for me. And so, I was tired the whole week and then at Saturday night – just before our plan – I CANNOT sleep. Haha, good luck with waking up at 6 or 7am the next day for the Sunday Service plan.

Even if I slept only for four hours – I was up at quarter to 7am – maybe it’s the sheer desire that I don’t want to be late for the Service. I met up with Decie and her friend Tamine together with her daughter and then we went to attend the Service.

Of which I am suddenly surrounded by nostalgia. From the ushers, to the You’ll Come song by Hill Song, to the offering exhortations of Psalms 91 and the plenty plenty Words of God.

I miss attending Sunday Service. I miss God. And lastly I miss singing songs unto Him. I miss being able to walk freely by His side. And no one be the judge.


I said it.

Dear Lord, I really really earnestly and truthfully miss you. And I am still lost.

Because I don’t know how to get back on my two feet. To start again. To commit again. And the biggest problem of all is that I don’t know what is it I want.

After the service, we were supposed to go to the dentist but we still have to wait for Fae – which is still in Taytay.

So, what better way to while away the time than to eat?

We ate at Osaka Oshko (Japanese food gallore) – the yakisoba was not included in the picture. But yeah, if ever I am going to prepare food in the future, I would really try to make something like this complete bento set: rice, soup, meat, (veggies) and fruits!

It was delicious, and even if I am now engrossed in everything Korean, still in my heart of hearts, I’ll always love Japanese.

We talked a lot and then wandered around the department store just to buy a belt – but we did more than that – we tried those hilarious looking hats, I-don’t-know-what-its-called masks (the one Tessa Prieto always wears as hair accessories), winter scarfs, and the one you put on your ears to battle the cold.

And then, we spotted clothes and soon I am trying on clothes and shorts and in the end – really – when you have no plans of buying clothes, that’s the time that you’re going to find something that you really want to buy – so darn the budget – maybe I can still live for the next few days, right?

And the short shorts joke which is really funny! (long)

And then we waited for Fae at Pet Express, wherein I fell asleep while sitting. The dentist transaction was fast and soon after, we went to Starbucks where we should be talking about Sun Life but then – there was no internet (I mean, there is but the speed connection was like really really snail speed slow). So we ditched Starbucks and went to Jamba Juice instead.

Where they played really cool songs – I mean – songs that we like to hear and listen to. It seems that our playlist is the same. Haha.

So, there, we had insurance talks but not the kind that bores you because when you have a friend that is an insurance advisor – that means she’s not into sales-talking you but she translates the jargons for you to understand.

And eventually this turned into one of the longest friendly conversations we three had. I mean, it’s like this is only the first time ever that we just chilled while talking and not minding the time or not minding where we’ll go next – it was just pure kwentuhan while sitting down. And not one of us was holding a cellphone or browsing into SNS – I mean that was really what set apart this kwentuhan from all other kwentuhan. 🙂 And it was just really really great. And happy. And a time well-spent.

Also a bit earlier, Fae gave us matching dry-fit tank tops (back when she was assigned to work abroad) and that made me and Decie really really happy because unexpected gifts were the best of the best!

And that sealed the final nail into the plan of joining a fun run (mainly the Sunset Run) this coming November 19?

There, and then I really want this thing – this just chilling out and no fancy dining out or activities or places, just drinks and tables and chairs and us and no SNS scrolling in-between. And so, we planned to go on another kwentuhan sessions (because when you are 10-year long friends you can almost talk about anything under the sun) but not here but in beach. Haha. But not too far, just near enough that it won’t cost a high price – and camping – I want camping and kwentuhan under the millions of stars! Haha.

(Of which the plan was eventually derailed because I later found out that the same schedule that we set was when I am in Coron. Haha. Timing’s really a b*tch sometimes)

And then I really fell asleep on the jeepney ride home and that’s what I liked most about Decie. That she really just let me sleep on her laptop (because I really really lack sleep and no amount of coffee can counter it).

And as I went back home I feel really hungry and there was no food.

And I wanted to eat and so I asked each of them if they wanted to eat because I’m going to prepare food.

And then fast forward to me cooking for my sisters.

I originally was just planning to cook processed food (just fry anything edible really) but then I saw all these eggs just staring at me from the refrigerator and so began the process of cooking these korean egg rolls.

I was worried actually that it won’t taste as good as the one I had in Boracay.

And so it was really hard to roll the eggs but I did it anyway!


There and that didn’t stop there. I served it in them with rice. Haha. It’s so not me because I didn’t really serve them but oh well, if not now then when will I ever get to serve them something?

I really surprise myself sometimes. (like back last weekend when I just blurted out my thoughts on that trip and to hell with the consequences)

And I really surprise myself when I eat my words. Like back then when I said (albeit in my thoughts only) that I won’t ever get to makeup and that I wouldn’t learn how to cook because cooking isn’t for me. And now, I am so so engrossed in Korean Skin Care and Korean cooking.

Maybe if I will really mix what I like with those things that I don’t like then I might somehow like them?

And really – what is it with this Korean somethings that when infused in those things I become engrossed in it?

And then another good news is that my lost coin purse over the weekend was found! ❤

Whew! I even let go of that thing but it is there and someone found it! 🙂

And there. A Sunday well-spent meaningfully.

(And not to mention those really-weird chats that I refuse to face because those might just be pure pure jokes and I am very gullible and nothing.)

And I just realised that I went to Sunday Service earlier to receive but I thought I didn’t receive anything but He blessed me with this well-spent-day experience and I promise that next time I’ll go there to serve – not for me but for Him.

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