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First Step in the Land of my Dreams

This is an intro post. I actually plan on having one day post but I guess the day zero also deserves its own post.

So, this is how we got to Osaka last November 22nd. Our flight was in the middle of the week – Wednesday. And before that – I had tax returns due date at 20th – two days before the flight. I thought I had it all figured out. But that was only what I thought.

On the morning of Tuesday (because I was on night shift – which is still a Monday workday), suddenly I needed to revise the return. Haha. And it took me until 7 to 8am of Tuesday. I really didn’t want to go to work the next day but I need to wrap up some things.

So I decided to go home and sleep and then pack my things and then have a half day and then come home to get a decent sleep.

But I did not. Because I was not feeling well – because of the two weeks worth of not eating or sleeping well. But you know, you just wing it!


Our flight was at 3pm and we got to the airport around 1pm which is still manageable.

But lo and behold, after checking-in our baggage we decided to get something to eat and while we were walking to the boarding gate, we heard our flight number being announced and I said: “That’s us!” and then followed by our names being last-called. Ha! Upon hearing our names, we ran. It’s like we ran like crazy for our lives because – after all the hardship that we did, we can’t let this trip go to waste just because our plane left us.


The flight was like three to four hours and I slept and not-slept. I also saw the sunset but it’s a shame I was not in the window seat.

And then finally we had arrived. The first thing you notice is the cold weather. And then the nice ambience of the airport. You’ll think to yourself – does this place ever get crowded?

I was in this state of sleep and dream and reality that I still cannot process that we were finally there!


After the immigration, we don’t know where to go. Or how to. I think. We got our Icoca pass and asked the information where we can go to Daikokucho station. After a lot of trials and a series of asking questions – we finally got to the platform.

But it had these two trains on either side of them. One was ordinary and the other one is the one you see in the movies. Of course we wanted to ride the more beautiful one but alas, our cards can only be used on the ordinary one. 🙂

Second thing you notice is that, inside the train, it is no longer cold. There is a heater when you seat and actually, I was wondering how other people get inside the train wearing this very thick coats and not get hot. They even had thick scarfs!


We need to transfer trains and it was actually hard to commute with a luggage. But thankfully we reached our destinations after a long series of asking for directions.


And then when we thought we finally had the house – getting the key is a little bit tricky.  So, again we spent another hour trying to get the key to our rented apartment. It was almost 11pm when we decided to have something to eat.

Since it was very late – we settled into eating in the restaurant near us. In which we didn’t know that the prices does not yet include the tax!

So this ends our first night in Japan. Nothing much happened except that it was funny how we struggled to find the key to our house. I think that was the highlight.

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