letters to the future

Coco Loco

Bakit kung kelan pa ako tumanda tsaka ako naiiyak ng sobra sa mga animated/cartoon movies? Sounds weird eh?

You’d think that this was a nice light movie that’ll make you laugh, right?

My ate insisted that we watched Coco because they said it was good. So we did. I didn’t trust (always) animated films but we watched it.

It’s also funny that I didn’t know anything about the movie. First thing we watched is Olaf’s short story and like three minutes into that short film- my little sister and I were asking each other if THAT was what we were going to watch. But it’s not.

Then here comes the movie and I cried buckets. Again. On an animated film. Hello Frozen, hello Moana. And now Coco. Haha. 😂 Bakit ba ako naiiyak? Anything about dreams or death gets me. I’m a sucker for those.


1. I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it even if the plot was somewhat predictable. 😅

2. It doesn’t have a powerhouse single OST like what Frozen had but it has nice music in it. I enjoyed the Mexican songs.

3. I didn’t know anything about the Day of the Dead. (Flashback to earlier this year and it was one of the suggestions for the theme of baranggay meeting and I didn’t know anything about it.) The way they played their belief about the Day of the Dead is brilliant. It was like puzzle pieces fitting together. Like the living needs to put up their photos in order for them to cross over the bridge and they played it like they were on immigration crossing. Haha. 4. I like how they portrayed family values. That you didn’t have to choose between your family or your dreams, eventually you’ll know which is important. It’s up to you to decide.

5. I cried so many times but it was turning into buckets on the last scene when Miguel played and sang the song Remember to Mama Coco. I was touched because it was a Father‘s love, a parent’s love. Hello Papa!

6. I cannot really form a coherent thought about it- it’s just that it made me cry so much because of that reach for your dream feels and also remembering the loved ones who passed away. They were still here and even if we can no longer interact with them- their life lives in us. Only when we forget them they experience the second death- the final death. This is true. And I guess that’s why I always struggled not to forget.

So there.

I don’t know what’s with me- crying on animated films. It really really gets me and darn. 😪

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