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Last Thoughts on the Kansai Trip

It has been my childhood dream to travel in Japan. You know those childhood dreams that you just blurt out and you know that it won’t happen because it is so far-fetched – like saying I want to be an astronaut. And then you bury it in the back of your mind as you grow older.

But a few years ago, five years to be exact, I blurted it out again – out of the fullness of the heart and I don’t know, back then I was only earning a meagre amount, and I was still sure that it won’t happen but a girl can dream, right?

And then here comes 2017 with its promise and I can’t thank that one person enough who told me to book that one way ticket – which is the source of my happiness and stress because who books a ticket alone and one way at that!? And then the planning that surfaced and that weeks of hurdle in work before the trip.

I had a lot of first times in Japan and I think we all have that. We are still going to have a lot of firsts in our life because our lives is continuing.

I am just so grateful that God made this happen. That I fought for this dream to come true. That it comes not in the package I initially dreamed and thought of but it came out way better and more beautifully than what I imagined. That I still find it in my heart missing those days. That even now, when I had gone and back, it still feels like a dream. That is how I so much love this trip that I want to have that next trip again but I know it won’t ever be as close to how wonderful and amazing this trip is. But maybe more?

The road we travelled is coupled with laughters and stories and just making a path on our own, of failed attempts but somehow finding gems in unexpected places, of being in a foreign land with amusing people. These discovering amazing places and people are the things this year that makes me come alive.

So there. I know I won’t ever move on – if there is such a thing as moving on from a trip. Because it made me realise a lot of things (which might somehow be included in the “Things I’ve Learned this Year” post).

I will truly come back again. Surely. And when I come back I’ll be all over the moon once again. It makes you feel that dreams indeed come true. Japan is indeed, the land of my dreams. ā¤

Life must be spent doing the things that make you come alive.


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