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Girls’ Generation 1979

Dived into the world of KDramas again. But what can I do? It’s not like there are better things to do when you can watch gems like this.

So, my little sister recommended this series (because of Lee Jong Hyun of CNBlue) and while waiting for the next episode of Hwayugi I watched the first episode.

And I liked it, instantly.

What I liked the most is how it made me feel like I entered the world of Daegu in year 1979.

With just eight episode it managed to touch on so many topics: social class inequality, gender inequality, cheating on marriage, communism, gossips, and the prejudice on outsider, but with the regular dose of KDrama regular cliches: unrequited first loves and whatnots.

But let’s not forget the friendship between the two girls.

I cried buckets again. You know those dramas that hits you straight to the heart? It is one of those. I was crying even if the scene is not sad – I just can’t contain the feels.

Also the nostalgia. It’s so amazing how they can make it work.

I absolutely like the scene where Hae Joo was expelled. My heart was breaking when the girls finally found out how the world works – its inequality. My heart was breaking for them because I would’ve wanted to shield them so they can’t suffer the unfairness of the world because this is 70’s and things don’t work the way it is now. Too many judgemental people and people are afraid of unusual. And how the teachers feel useless being teachers because they can’t do anything but adhere to the system. And Jung Hee only does what she can do – offer her friend her favorite song – as parting gift. This is 70’s and when you have a friend going to some place, you won’t know when you’ll see them again – the connection is hard not like today – that’s why it touched me right to my heart.

The first love, first crush, unrequiteds are also well-played and I feel for Jung Hee moving on but then this love pulls her back in. Aww.

And then there’s Hae Joo. Here is a character too ahead of her time. She made a brilliant example like what happened on the punishment – you don’t always have to adhere, you can protest openly. People who proposes change. And I guess we owe it to people like her, I do, who wanted a better place to live in, for a better future – they, who seem too ahead of their time because of their thinking, they fought for it even if people around them don’t understand. It is because of people like them that I enjoy democracy, open-mindedness, social class and gender equality, goodness like how I can study and work even if I am a girl.

I thought before, I can live in the past – in the traditional way of living wherein women only stay at home BUT when I watched this I guess NOT. I cannot, for the life of me, live in the way how girls who study were being questioned – like they don’t even have to go to school. And the gossips, and simplemindedness of judgemental people. I am thankful that I get to live now – where the unusual and weird are already accepted by society and I can do whatever I want as long as it is right notwithstanding what others will think.

I loved everything but I hope there could’ve been a redemption for Shim Ae Sook’s character.

Lastly, what drew me in is the singing session of Jung Hee and Hae Joo in episode two. ❤

This is the kind of dramas that I love: it hits me right in the heart but it also makes me think. Substance.

(Darn. This doesn’t cover even 25% of the reasons why I love this show. We can talk about this for hours and I won’t shut up about it.)

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