letters to the future

a letter to myself two three five years from now

dear future me,

i’m writing this on a whim one 12:57am of a saturday midnight – no capitalisation needed because why not?

i just wanted to say that you don’t need to struggle to live up to the expectations of a younger you – which is me – because what i do now will be what you are in the future. so if in case you are disappointed with what you are at that time – those thoughts like “i thought by now i will be this and this, achieved this and that and whatnots” – please don’t do that to yourself. the present me still doesn’t know what the future holds and so, can’t expect everything to turn out perfect. so there.

please know that i did my best, on top of laziness and procrastinations and doubts and insecurities and is there any more?

i just hope that whatever i become in the future – i’m doing something that makes me happy whether it be binge-watching, planting, travelling, being a lola at home – because from now on – that is the path i will tread on – to do what makes me happy, without making anyone unhappy, not hurting anyone.

and so this letter ends. i don’t know what to say anymore but you’ve done good, struggled well and continue to make the world a happier and better place.

p.s. dear Lord God, i know you’re also reading this. and this is only what i pray for – that the future me will always rely on you for everything and that the future me will be closer to you once again. and if i didn’t get all my dreams (to inspire, to travel the world, to meet someone i love and to live a creative life), – i hope i got to do some of it though- if i didn’t get to do all of that i know that i’ve been put in a place where i’m supposed to be and that i’m thankful. 

present self may 2018

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