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not-so-review of kanojo wa uso wo aishisugiteru

Or in short, what made me write about this even if I watched the movie more than a year ago.


Trivia: This picture was somehow weirdly familiar because I saved this picture from someone’s IG account year 2013, hoping that I’ll watch this somehow because it’s Japanese. I never did though. The saved screenshot was forgotten.

So how did I end up here? It was last year after finishing a Kdrama that I didn’t know what to watch next. I saw The Liar and His Lover korean drama version and started watching episode one. I just didn’t get the drama and stopped watching. But I got somehow intrigued by the story so I started looking it up and saw that it was an adaptation of a Japanese film and manga.

I immediately looked it up and watched it and there goes my heart. This was my reaction to it last year.


And a year after I watched it again. Why? I saw the OST and started playing it and my heart just melted on the songs – Sayonara no junbi, Sotsugyou, Ashita Mo, etc.

What made me like it:
Of course. The music. I’ve been drawn to most OSTs but this one’s different. The first time I heard Sayonara no junbi wa mou dekiteita on the first time I watched this – I literally cried. It is the first time that it happened. Even though I don’t understand the lyrics, the music just struck my heart. And then followed by the other songs, especially Sotsugyou. I didn’t know the meaning of the songs – I just knew it after – and it made me like it more.

Sakurako Ohara and Takeru Sato are brilliant actors – I was not bothered by their age difference in the film and it was supposed to bother me. And in the span of less that two hours they made me fall in love and get heart broken. If that is not good acting, I don’t know what that is.

And the shots. The film maintained its warm color grading – a bit warm but gloomy and then suddenly turning bright – that was how I would describe it. And the caterpillar to butterfly transformation. What else? It was very beautiful. The scenes were nicely captured and I can’t find the right words to describe it – it is beautiful? Amazing? Pleasant? That must be it. Pleasant. It’s like I was there with them. Or this is me missing Japan taking its form. This is the reason why I love cinematography. It makes you see normal things in an exquisite way. 🙂

I know the story was a bit usual, for a manga. Emotionally sad guy meets a girl that would brighten his world but how it was magnificently executed was the reason I like it. In the usual way – this plot won’t work for me though. But it hits me right in the heart – with its perfect acting and music and cinematography and it was pure pure heart – this was a recipe for something that I would definitely want and obsess over. Haha.

So there. I also watched the Side Story a while ago and darn, it was so good I wish there was more.

I’m sorry for this simple thoughts, the film was so fascinating I can’t even write a decent review. I’m just trying to get back in my writing so have patience with me. 🙂

Last thoughts: This film hits me right in the heart, made me fall in love once again with music and of things that don’t make so much sense but if it makes you happy, you should go for it. And that I am still emo. 🙂 Darn, love and dreams story and I’m sold.


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