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Cheats Encounters

Last night, I decided to opt out of social media (mainly Instagram) because there are certain people that I don’t want to have access in my life (self-absorbed much). And here’s the big BUT. But I watched Cheats today and they were so awesome that I ate my words last night. 

When did I first heard Cheats?
Well, I just heard the band Cheats when there was news about Saab Magalona being married to her co-bandmate Jim and the band being Cheats. That’s where I first heard the band. But I didn’t listen to them. Fast forward to 2015, I came across a Wattpad writer who made cool playlists and I listened to that – in one particular playlist, Cheats’s song Accidents was included. And so, that was the first time and first song that I heard from  Cheats. But I didn’t feel the urge to watch them play music live, I just bought their first album so I can listen to them more.

Is this the first time I watched Cheats?
Not really. When Angulo announced that they will have their 10th anniversary gig for their only album, Blur the White Lines – some of the bands include Cheats and I think that was my chance to watch them live, but mainly, I attended the event because it’s a reunion somewhat once-in-a-lifetime gig for Angulo – which is not really active currently so I don’t want to miss that chance. But when I watched Cheats play there – they only played three songs- but it was clean.  I don’t know how to say this –ang linis ng tugtugan nila- and naisip ko, maybe ganito na ‘yung mga banda ngayon? And they were amazing even with only three songs.

It occurred to my mind to watch them in B-Side’s farewell but laziness overcome me  – I don’t want to go to Makati until wee hours in the morning just to watch one band (sorry! tita feels) because I don’t really listen to all the other bands that will play on that gig. 😦 (which is a good decision because they cancelled last minute because of safety concerns)

What made me decide to come today?
Ever since I’ve become a listener of their podcast: Wake Up with Jim and Saab (if you have not yet listened to it – give it a try! You’ll enjoy it!), I wanted to watch them again (I missed the Cheat <S> because it was held on a weekday) so when they announced that they will have an acoustic session in Satchmi Megamall I wanted to come. Big plus is that it will be in Megamall (not so far coming from Fairview -unlike Makati) and on a weekend and the time is at 3pm to 6pm. Hurray – we don’t have to wait until midnight to watch a gig (tita feels). 

How was it?
I got there past 3pm and Satchmi was packed with people ranging from, I think, college or high school students to young professionals (age gap is real! haha but papasa naman akong kasing age nila based on looks 😛 ) At the start there was the CD signing and people were in long lines and we were somewhat hungry so we just decided to buy iced mocha as always and then somehow it was the start of the set. We just stayed at the counter and watched them – we figured it was a good spot to watch them plus we had the bar stool where we can sit.

The setup was like an acoustic jamming session, they were forming a circle, which is great because the audience are in different sides – meaning – you have a different view in every spot. There was no spot where you can see everyone – like if you’re positioned in our place, you can see Jim but Saab and Candy’s back only but on the other side, they can see Saab and Candy but only Jim’s back. It was unusual but it sort of feels like they wanted us to see how they do it everyday which makes it personal and they wanted to share something personal with their audience and that’s what made it feel special to me.

*So let’s stop with the question and answer portion- forgive my craziness for thinking of interviewing myself. *

It was a fun experience – afternoon acoustic session inside a mall but Saguijo feels and not mall show feels. It was super nice. And I was super thankful that they played Before the Babies – I thought that song was too personal that they don’t want to play it but they did and it made me want to cry tears of happiness and too much feels because the song struck my heart.

They played a lot of songs and shared a lot of stories and it doesn’t feel like there was a barrier. Cheats welcomed us with open arms into their musical and colorful world. 🙂

The only problem with me is that I know their songs but not the titles so when they start to play something I’ll be like – hey I know this but I don’t know the title and but I know its tune is this etc. etc. but I still wouldn’t know the title unless they mention it. Haha.

But still they were absolutely wonderful.

And their last words, Jim’s words, as they start Accidents is so inspiring it melted my heart – to just continue to do what you love and keep having fun (his example is photography) and you’ll meet a lot of people on the journey as long as you’re having fun something like that and the meaning of Acumen – there are so many kids that achieve so many things at their young age – how can I ever compete with them – feels right in the heart though.

Lastly, we were just going to leave but we took a chance to ask them to sign their first album I brought with me (us already being on the somewhat backstage area) – first with Saab – who is super nice – and then next is Jim. And that’s that. But then we saw Candy outside so I asked her too and before I knew it I went to all Cheats members who performed today (Enzo, Kyle and Manny) and asked them to sign the album and talking to them and there is no awkward silences or whatever. It was nice to see them play and it was nicer to talk to them after. 🙂

They made my week. Actually this week was super hard for me (well, which week wasn’t? I’ve been saying that to all the weeks of 2018) but they made the sadness go away. They made a week’s worth of frustration, stress, irritation and sadness vanish in thin air, disappeared into who know’s where? I kinda like how music does that. Magic. Big Magic.

And also I realised that I shouldn’t have let the negative things affect me negatively. Hello – negative na nga gagawin ko pang negative – para namang ‘di tayo nag-aral ng Math di ba – negative times negative equals positive di ba? So there, I’ve decided to just choose what makes me happy and negate the negatives for it to become positives. Akala ko madaling gawin? – we’ll see to that next week. Pero siguro, like all other times – I just need a time for sadness, to wallow in misery, to be negative para marealise ko after na I had already spent time there and I don’t want to stay that way – that kind of resolve I only develop whenever I’ve been through it.

Also I’ve been looking forward to the out of country trip towards the end of year so I can finally escape. But would I really want that trip to be just an escape? No- I want that trip to be an exploration trip. And in order to do that- I must make my day to day living livable- not something that I want to get away from (though it really is tempting to do so) so that when I am on that trip- I’ll be there fully and not just using it as an excuse to escape the life I’m living because whatever happens I will still come back. If I use it as an escape I know the state I’ll be in when I come back will be worse.

There. I always had these realisations somewhat whenever I go to gigs. Like a Eureka moment. I had one in that Angulo gig but I never got around to writing it – I think I just wrote it in my handwritten journal.

Here comes the next week. To more afternoon sessions!

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