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I Took a Break and I Still Don’t Know

So, with what happened last Thursday – what with the sudden outburst of my frustrations on my exceedingly slow laptop and I cried out my rants in irritating tears – I suddenly took a leave on Friday. 

I guess we all must take breaks every now and then. And so there I go – not having a trip but still took a break and look where it got me:

To the Art Mart in BGC. Where I saw my friend Miggie (https://www.instagram.com/migellipaints/) selling her art prints, postcards, stickers and I think that is the community that I wanted to be part of – it’s just that I don’t know how, I can’t find the time and the energy to do whatever it takes.

It is also here that I just liked the idea of hanging out in the park, laughing out loud with an old friend, and not spending money on overpriced foods, not having a care in the world because it is Friday and I don’t have work today.

And also, we sat on the grass and some stranger asked us if there is always an event there and that begun a series of conversations with a stranger. Not what we planned but this day is really for that so why not?

After that I heard the intro of Sulat and turns out Moonstar 88 is already playing music in the Sun Life Ampitheather behind us. We just watched outside since we don’t want to buy tickets. They played a lot of songs actually.

Then we decided to eat dinner and there were a lot of food in Mercato.

After that, I was surprised because we were supposed to go to Burgos Circle to watch Cheats but it was 9:18pm and I checked online and Cheats is supposed to play at 9pm. So we just hurriedly walked and when we got there – at 9:30pm, Cheats had not yet played. Whew!

Since this was an open area, again, we did not pay for the entrance – cheap at its finest but hey, we gotta live within our means. And also a good thing because the crowd inside is like super yammings – we feel like so out of place. Haha.

Anyhow, Cheats played a lot of songs. Crash, Talk, Eye and the super Again, Professor Manny among others! It was just sad that Kyle was not there but they were so fun to watch onstage I was so so torn in capturing them on video or just enjoy the music and they stage antics. But it was so fun they played Again, Professor Manny – it’s been on repeat for a week now and watching it was fuelling?

After that we stayed at Mcdonald’s and chatted with my two friends.

I know my writing on this entry is so blah and bleak but I just want to say it as it happened.

Plus I’m also sick now I don’t know I might have overused my strength yesterday.

I just wanted to say that at first my plan is only to meet with a friend and have dinner and chitchats and then to go to Art Mart to support another friend but then I found out that Cheats is playing nearby and we added it to that and then when we got to the art fair we saw that Moonstar 88 is also playing and one thing led to another and this chill Friday somewhat turned into a lot of surprises – I’m not complaining. It was so refreshing but tiring but happy.

I don’t know what words to use – I’m super tired yesterday but deep inside it was a an unusual Friday for me. And I hope I get more Fridays like that. 🙂

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