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On Tattoos and Inked Skins

A stranger asked me if I’d like a person more if he/she has a tattoo or not.

A bit taken aback, I honestly could not think of my answer.

So my futile attempt at answering is the typical hesitant answer which is “it depends”. It depends on the reason why he/she did not or did get a tattoo.

And then I went on my personal views on tattoo that I initially see it as dirty but then somehow it morphed into some form of art that I can appreciate.

But after a night’s sleep – I figured out my answer.


Would I like a person more if he/she did or did not have a tattoo?

Honestly I don’t care! What would matter is his/her beliefs on tattoos.

I think I’d find it more interesting if a person has a strong belief about it. Tell why you are strongly opposed to it. Tell me why you find an inspiration from it.

So I guess what i’m trying to say is that a person is worth more than his/ her tattoo or his/her uninked skin.

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