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Well, Who’s Stopping You?

It was a four-day-long-weekend here in Manila and as for me, I have not touched my watercolor for two weeks. I don’t know why. I dabbled on it a little in 2017 and early 2018 but I just started REALLY doing it two months ago and it seemed like I was a speeding car with no one to stop me and I was improving (hello, self!) which makes me feel like I so like being an artist and suddenly I braked so for this weekend I was like – why?

I really don’t know. And I don’t care. I mean – I just want to do what I want when I want it. Darn.

Actually, I realised I was, am blessed to be living here in our time. Like I, or we, anyone of us, we can just do what we wanted to do. Out of passion. You can be a photographer, musician, writer, comic book writer, graphic artist – what else – you can just do what you want as long as it’s fuelling the fire inside your heart, you can do it.

People, are more open-minded now about doing what you want. No, it is not anymore – you should work in the office because that’s what grownups do. Like, you are still a child when you follow your dreams.

I’m writing in circles here and even I don’t understand myself – it just want to say to me: “Well, who’s stopping you?”.

And maybe I’ll realise it’s no one. Abso-freakin-lutely no one!

Who’s stopping me from chasing my dreams? No one. Not even the circumstance.

Maybe if I am still a student planning on not finishing my studies so I can go chase my dreams – maybe a lot of people will stop me – my parents but no – I actually held my end of the bargain, graduated college, had a decent work, throw in passing the board exam as bonus, so I guess, no one would have the reason to stop me.

But no one’s pushing me either.

It’s just me pushing myself to do what I want and it’s just me stopping myself from doing things I love because of fear of failure, procrastination, any other reasons that only comes from within.

This is supposed to be short but hello 375 words and counting – my mind cannot stop me now. đŸ™‚

So yeah – maybe I am battling with myself, or maybe I am not but I just wanted to say this to my present self – no one is stopping you. At 2018 no one is stopping you – so maybe, just maybe just do what you love and let the world judge but don’t listen to them.

Listen to the fire in your heart that feels like you must create.
Listen to the heart that is empty before but now is super-full it is exploding from the inside – if you would just let it overflow into your life and make something entirely out of the overflowing madness of what your heart is beating for. 

I know it’s not easy. It would not be easy. But it will be a life well-lived.

Darn, I’ve waited so many years wanting something to want – praying for something that I can put all of my heart and soul into – wishing to be able to put forth all my energy and emotion into creating something – and I guess this is it.

No one’s stopping you.

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