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The Fault in our Luggages

*late post – this was written last November 19, 2018

While I was preparing for the Busan-Seoul-Nami trip, my younger sister warned me to not take too heavy luggage because I will not be able to carry it around Seoul’s maze-stricken subways and I may end up regretting. But the joke’s on me because the temperature ranges on single digit only it’s either I die from cold or I die from carrying too heavy luggage so not much choice there. 😅

Anyhow- let’s begin the trip in our flight from Manila on a Sunday afternoon – and whew! Travel time from Commonwealth to NAIA is only an hour. Anong sabi ng araw-araw na two hours from Commonwealth to Makati? I was very early.

Which is good because hello- almost two hours in immigration!

So the flight is at 5pm. And while taking our time in boarding- it occurred to me that I was always running to the boarding gates in my previous travels: Osaka and Bangkok and Bohol. Sooooo this was sweet! – Being carefree and taking my time.

It was a four-hour-flight and I dozed off before we even took off. And then as if it was just a power nap I woke up when we started to take height and I saw these fiery orangey sunset.


And then we can’t sleep anymore. I guess I watched two episodes of MGIAG and then ate dinner (yakiniku takeout!) and then I just sorta watched 10 Things I Hate About You because I just realised that Heath Ledger is such a big waste to the acting industry. And I forgot Joseph Gordon Levitt is also in this film. This is one cool chick flick: Heath, Gordon and Julia Stiles. 😅

And then we landed in Incheon Airport at 10pm South Korea time. I was surprised to hear Korean words and understanding it “You can do it!” -people running to make it to the train. Haha. Anyhow- we scrambled past immigration, past the luggage carousel, past the wi-fi pickup and withdrew cash and bought T-Money. And the cashier (a very kind one) told us that we can still catch the last train to Seoul- it is leaving in 10 to 15 mins so here we start the journey of travelling with your 17kg luggage when you weigh only 45kg. I don’t know if I could but I probably could because I am still here typing this.


Very cute T-Money design. I lurve line characters so much. 😍

Round and round we go- the subway is really a maze, much more footwalk than in Kansai area but we’ll take what we get. So it turned out we were just in time for the last train. When we got there the doors opened we hopped inside and the doors closed. If we were late by a minute we wouldn’t have made it.

I really really love travelling to and from airport by train like in Singapore, Japan and now Korea. It was sooo hassle-free.

And then we got to the Seoul station – supposedly we need to transfer to line 4 but the last train already departed so we just have to a. ride a taxi or b. walk and hope we find our hotel.

We chose option a first but the line to cabs were really long and my friend asked this Japanese looking Korean guy if we need to take a cab or to walk. After discussion so and so and language translation we just need to walk. But the problem is we need to go inside the station- but there were only stairs up- luckily one of the people in line said there’s lift. We thanked the guy and left.

True enough there is a lift- and maybe we got lost inside the station going round and round about how we need to go to exit 8. I think the Koreans would have no reason not to be a wayfinder- they have very good sense of direction! I got lost in haze. But then we have to walk outside and we need to cross but there was no pedestrian. We’re seeing this huge overpass but it looks very much like an MRT lane above we doubt if people were allowed to cross.

Contemplating on whether to Uber or to ask the Nandaemun police station (yeah, right we were outside the police station and the logo – when I saw the logo I remember Jung Hae In’s role in While You Were Sleeping – I feel very safe)– and then the police officer asked us why we’re loitering outside their office and he just told us to cross the MRT looking lane above.

Turned out it was an overpass. For people! Turns out it was the Seuollo 7017 sky garden! It looks great but sadly it’s fall and there were no flowers. It was nice walking there with only us and our baggages. One tourist destination checked and we didn’t even plan it. Haha.


It was a very nice sky garden/ overpass- wish we had that one back home. And then off to the streets we go. It looks so much better in actual.

And finally we found it after crossing a dark alley uphill. We are so tired and surprisingly the hotel door was left open for us – we got there a little before 2am and it is just open. I guess evil forces don’t like cold weather. Haha.

The floor is heavenly warm! After lounging around and we thought we’ll just rest and sleep we decided to buy food in a convenience store nearby. Hello Korean 7-eleven!

We bought Banana yogurt and bread and then after we paid- we saw gogumas! (Korean sweet potato) The best food to eat in this three degree weather!


We ate inside the convenience store and the 7-eleven looks like a coffee shop. Haha. And I just realised the music is Japanese. Whew- I was kept on being reminded of my Kansai trip this same time last year. 🤭 It was nice- not being limited by time- eating warm and tasty food listening to JPop and just that.

We got back at 3am and arranged out things for next day. It was nice in Seoul, cold but warm. And the next episode in The Fault in our Luggage the next day. 🙂

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