letters to the future

Epitome of We-Make-As-We-Go

It was a cold morning and had we woken up fifteen minutes later that we did, we would have missed the free breakfast on our guesthouse – which actually only composed of milk, cereals, bread, eggs and juice but I like these light breakfast because normally I wake up at 10am and the first meal that I will consume is a heavy lunch so yeah – I prefer light breakfast. πŸ™‚

view from the stairways in our guesthouse

And what do we like most about cold weather? It is late mornings we can sleep in and bundle up under the comforters but alas – we were hungry and we need food. πŸ™‚ But we can go back to bed after. And that’s what we did.

And then out of the blue we just want to walk around Hongdae with destinations we just made up that morning (1) A-land (2) Black Pink House (3) Hongdae Playground.

So that day we started off with lunch first – we went again to Jin Dumplings which is open and not yet full and those Xiao Long Baos are super tasty – and add the side dishes it was basically a treat!

We walked towards the direction of A-Land and just like that we spotted the Coffee Prince’s first coffee shop – I didn’t realise it was just around the corner.

Going to A-Land we crossed a lot of skincare shops again – we must have gotten used to it by now but no – we were still amazed. And then after A-Land we just got all amused by the shopping street we went to Tony Moly, Club Clio, Missha, Innisfree and those stalls outside that sells coats – that I love – but larger than me.

And just like that our supposed made-up itinerary is once again revised. We may actually have a knack into revising itineraries or it was so nice to just go with what you feel. Let me repeat that – it was super nice and it feels great too. πŸ™‚ Sometimes you don’t need to follow plans.

tried hard to convince myself I didn’t need this and I won!

Then we spotted ABC Mart, which sadly does not carry anymore the One Piece X Skechers series – and I almost bought the D’Lites version but I just can’t. Just across the street is the Line Store so we went in there too and took a picture at this huge Brown. Big fan of the Line friends here! *raisesΒ  hand!*

We didn’t buy much but we got tired so we went back to the guest house to rest. I swear this is the first time on my trips that I went back home mid-afternoon to rest and I want all of my future trips to have this so that we can recharge and go outside again at night! πŸ™‚

best afternoon snack: goguma + demisoda (i read that in hangeul!)
bought the afternoon snack at GS25 with the cashier reading the Alchemist πŸ˜‰

The going outside again at night composed mostly of searching for the perfect dinner and walking around Hongdae – and I cannot believe that I’ve been more at home in this neighborhood than where I live or where I grew up in.

took a dinner here ❀
how cold it must have been for my glasses to fog like this?

I guess I really really love Hongdae is an understatement because how can I put into words that feeling that you memorised the neighborhood without meaning to because you feel at home, or the feeling that you know I can actually be satisfied selling something here and by something I mean clothes or journalling trinkets and just be simple – maybe I can do that all day and not get bored because I love where I’m living and I don’t know it was just a very nice place to feel at home and at peace and you do not feel the need to take photos and to share and simply – you are just taking it all in. ❀

busy street at night in Hongdae

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