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Last Minute BIFF And the One Degree Weather in Seoul

From Gamcheon, we rode a bus going back and walked towards BIFF Square. BIFF stands for Busan International Film Festival – sounds cool right – but I didn’t even realise it until after we walked around it. I watched so may indie films from Manila featured in BIFF but it would have been amazing if I put two and two together faster, right?

We walked in their streets and there are a lot of stores and streetfood here. You might check if you have enough money to buy. πŸ™‚

only picture I got because I didn’t take any photosΒ 

No, really, what’s amazing if that you are surrounded by a lot of skincare stores – name it and it is in there – a lot of streetfood stalls in the middle and restaurants and ABC Mart and clothing store – you will never run out.

those pigeons!

And there are a lot of pigeons and I can never fathom how all those pigeons are on the road and a lot of people walking and them some cars passing by and the pigeons AND people are used to it – they coincide. Or maybe the air is not polluted the pigeons are not bothered by pollution.

We are actually searching for the Cosrx’s pimple patch and sadly it is not available in any Olive Young stores there. (emergency because of all the place that I will have a bright red pimple – it is in the South Korea where it is technically a mortal sin to have a pimple ;))

most delicious streetfood I’ve tasted

So after strolling around, we go back to the middle where there is a line forming to buy the fame Hotteok – a somewhat rice cake with caramelized nuts as filling. The line was fast and soon enough we were able to taste the delicious food – and it was so good I still remember the taste. πŸ™‚

Maybe we just went to BIFF Square to have eatinerary because we also ate Choryang Milmyeon. This is a very large bowl of cold noodles but with a sour somewhat sweet taste with the radish side dish. It tasted good, too but because this is a very large bowl – we didn’t get to finish that whole bowl (sorry for wasting food!) but I was amazed at the people who finished all of that!

cold noodles on a cold weather

And then just before we go back to Busan Station, we saw Paik’s Coffee and bought coffee – I think I bought the vanilla latte but I can’t be sure. πŸ™‚

And somehow that ends our trip to Busan, we went back to Busan Station and the KTX train is already there when we get to the tracks. We put our luggages on the designated area and off we go to Seoul. Our trip this time is faster maybe about 30 minutes less than the ride from Seoul to Busan. The only con is that the air pressure on your ears is worse. 😦

inside KTX

And then Hello Seoul! I think it was one degree when we got there.

We said hello again to the maze-stricken Seoul Station but this time we are already used to the transfer from KTX to subway so we managed. Our guesthouse is in Hongdae so we rode another train going to Hongik University Station.

We got off from Exit 3 and it was getting dark and what greeting us is the Gyeongui Line Forest Park (which at the time I didn’t even know its name).

What’s tiring actually is that it was still like a 20 minute walk to our guesthouse. And with the 17kg luggage and the biting cold did not make it any easier. But we survived and upon reaching the guesthouse, our twin room was upgraded to a three person room with no additional fee. But the downside is that it has no elevator – BUT they carried our luggages up to 3rd floor so it was fine. πŸ™‚

And of course we were immediately comforted by the warm floors – that’s one of the reasons I like winter in Korea – the warm floors is comforting versus the biting cold.

I have some friends in Myeongdong leaving that night and wanted to meet before they go BUT it was a few minutes to 8pm and I was still so tired so I rainchecked. 😦

We rested for like thirty minutes to an hour before realising we’re hungry and by that time I think is it 9pm and we planned to eat at Jin Dumplings within Hongdae area so we just have to walk and meet up with another set of friends staying in Hongdae also.

Unfortunately Jin Dumplings was already closed, they were sold-out at 8pm so we just had the spicy korean chicken and rice cake in another store.

It was nice – meeting with friends that were also travelling in South Korea but you weren’t together. ^_^ After we ate dinner, we walked around Hongdae even if it’s biting cold and we bought coffee in convenience store to warm our hands and we invited them to our guesthouse so we can lounge in our room and sharing stories from Busan (us) and Seoul (them) . So that makes the four of us. Actually we all were in the same flight going to Seoul – it’s just that we have different places to go so it was comforting to be reunited in a foreign land.

Since we have not yet unpacked our bags from Busan, the room is still very clean and organised I’m glad we chose that night to invite them. Haha. The warm floors. πŸ™‚

It was tiring – that day is – we walked around Gamcheon BIFF Square then rode a KTX in Busan Station and searched for our guesthouse in Hongdae and searched for food and strolled through midnight that ended in warm coffee in the middle of the night with South Korea buddies – haha – I guess it was just a traveller’s POV that ended in another episode of lola mode – because we’re in Hongdae and we choose to have a warm coffee party in our guesthouse. One for the books.

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