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Of Course We Went to Gamcheon

Gamcheon Culture Village is a previous hilltop slum but now it is a colorful tourist attraction. We tried to veer away from touristy places but since we have time to spare this morning, we figured this won’t hurt.

Going in (there was no entrance fee), there was a moderate amount of tourists taking photographs left and right. If you want to take a picture without many people in it – you can walk off on the far end of the Village – most people are in the beginning.

It was a village – actually it is an artistic village – a lot of murals and colorful houses and food shops and other things – and a lot of people as well. 🙂

And you will walk around the village and see the famous spot of Little Prince, the colorful stairs and the viewing deck but there are a lot of lines there people wanting to take pictures – better go there in the early morning where there are no more people.

excuse the electric cables 😉

What I enjoyed actually here is on the far far end of the village where you can see on your left all the colorful houses and on your right is the rice terraces – mixture of my life (sorry I had to make it about me) – at times you want to be colorful and busy and artsy but another moment you just want to be simply at peace with nature hence the rice terraces (also reminded me of Cordilleras, actually).

Another good thing is that even if there are many people it doesn’t feel too busy or too noisy or too much to take in. You can go around and it is not disturbing – people may say that this is boring but I can spend a whole day here just walking but I’d probably be bored also. Haha – this is such a laid back walking tour of Gamcheon because we’re not in a race against time.

poop breads if you want to try 🙂
we tried these but somehow the taste is bland – >_<
this door just looks cute

I enjoyed some shops – this particular one where they sell scarves and baseball caps and accessories – I bought two sets of earrings – those designs that speak to the inner me and I cannot find those back home – and it was a mistake that I didn’t buy the cap. Haha. This one fits perfectly to me because my head is small and sometimes that cap is too large for me but this one is perfect but I didn’t buy it. Such a shame actually. 😦

Come to think of it – as a traveller – you gave a piece of your heart on the places that touched your soul and the more places you go the more you realise the larger your heart is because the more portion of your heart goes to those places and your heart never runs out. ❤


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