letters to the future

2018 year end post? – Nah! Maybe after two days when I had my mind organised!

It’s 2018 December 31st and 11:59am and I just ate bread and butter and earlier I woke up to the sound of falling rain and my thoughts go- this is a good time to write but no, I’m hungry, I still want to lay down in bed or no- one episode of Grey’s Anatomy will do me good, or maybe I can scroll thru Pinterest and before I knew it- I am watching how to knit a cardigan.

That escalated quickly.

Then I checked my bestnine in instagram and whew- 125 posts only for this year. I surely must have taken a break.

I am looking forward to Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour in Netflix later before the new year and also- maybe I should start making lists and journals next year.

I haven’t done that in two years and look at where it brought me- nowhere near my dream ordinary days. Haha

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