letters to the future

and they say I’m too old to believe in magic

After that exhausting day in Nami, who would believe me – a person who usually wakes up at 10am in the past four years of her life- would suddenly wake up at 7am without an alarm or a disturbance or warning or anything that would cause me to wake up- and I think that that’s the start – because suddenly I read a message saying “It is snowing” and I need to look outside!

And there it was: the snow in all its freezing glory – in all its magnificent glory and I have never believed in magic as I did at that time. ❤ They say that you should be with the person you love when the first snow falls to the  ground but I guess I didn’t need it that time – the snow was enough comfort that even if the winter was so much colder than you had anticipated – there will always be that snow – pure, light, and as it falls from the sky – you can’t help but wonder – why do such awesome things fall from the sky and why does it look so magical, so calming, so something that you can’t explain – like a miracle.

We were there awestruck and no – I didn’t get out to greet it – because I was very comfortable in my shirt and jogging pants – BUT we opened our window the whole way for us to see the snow falling from the sky and the sky lightening because it was dawn.

And in the first snow morning we cooked the ramyeon we forgot to eat last night and we feast on the instant ramyeon with kimchi and radish while the snow falls from the sky outside. Such simplicity but magical at the same time.

But we again ate the breakfast provided by the guesthouse – up till now – two months later I can still remember the taste of the cereals with milk and the orange juice and how I would have that breakfast on and on until I grew tired of it but I think I won’t.

We waited for the snowfall to stop before we got out of the guesthouse. I guess that’s one of the cons of having the snowfall – you can’t go outside and stroll – it is like rain but way way cooler!

And also we noticed that this might just be all in a day’s life of the local folks because after the snowfall, they know the drill, put on boots and clean your plants with the ice, clear the pathways of ice, just keep clean the driveways or highways so you can continue with your daily life and I felt a little bit bad for the plants because they got soaked in ice and they were so cold and who am I feeling for those plants anyway?

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