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not-so-review of the third charm

So last week I finally finished the Korean Drama, The Third Charm. I started watching this late last year and I stopped midway – because life happened (or because I went to South Korea and when I come back, there  was a lot of work and then the holidays and no more time to catch up – plus I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy just because but irrelevant, so yeah).


Maybe the way I watch dramas and series are how my attention span is in real life. No, really – I can watch and marathon one series over the weekend and I will not get tired or sleepy or bored IF it sparks my interest but I get way distracted easily by everything else if it does not interest me and I can go back and forth and really – maybe I’m not the only one.

So, going back.

what made me watch this series: Do I need to answer this? Because you might label me as superficial but yeah. Well, the main reason is Seo Kang Joon. Seo Kang Joon whom I first saw in Cheese in the Trap in 2016 and fell in love with him but alas, the drama didn’t went smoothly and we were left hanging on that ending that I refuse to accept that ending. And hey, I also liked Baek In Ha there (played by Lee Sung Kyung) – and I hate that I don’t get a reasonable ending for them – maybe they got what they deserved in the webtoon series but I guess I was too hurt to find out.

So going back again – I watched the series to watch Seo Kang Joon in leading role and to finally watch him have his happy ending – or reasonable ending. And also because he was a very good actor the way his eyes speak millions, you can’t help but get drawn to those eyes.

This one from when I watched him in 2016. 🙂

first reaction: It was gooood with a lot of conviction. And believe me, I watched so many Kdramas to finally be able to tell at the first few episodes if I will like it or not. And this one – well – I knew I was going to like it. Especially because he was paired up with Esom (Because This Life is Our First), who is also an actress who does a very good job. I was never the one to look at the network but judging from the few series I watched in JTBC – I know this will not be the normal mainstream melodrama there is. No – scratch that! Yes, I also look at the network and base my thoughts from there.


The cutesy- cutesy stuff they laid out in the first portion is very good and it gives off a light feeling. But there is a vibe – I don’t know if you can smell it – but there is a tiny – teeny bit of something that smells of an impending doom – a drama and that gives you a fair warning that you are not watching a romcom, you are watching a melodrama – so ready your tears. 😉

what made me like it: Seo Kang Joon, of course. I watched the first four episodes continuously and when they got together, and got broken apart – I cried and got my heart broken too. When young Ohn Joon Young (Seo Kang Joon) was sulking after their breakup – just the way he carries himself – body language – it is enough to tell you that he’s super sad. He doesn’t need words or tears or anything – just the body language (that hunched back) and it made me feel broken too. That was one of the good ones – a drama that does not tell it is going to be good – it shows!

And I was still in the beginning part where I said that – they can finish it off from there – when they reunited. A good, well-meaning and happy ending short series and I still would’ve like it. You see, I was scared that this show will hurt itself, that it will not deliver on its promise and I hoped that it will stop before it hurts itself but wishes not granted.

spoiler alert!

thoughts: I like it. But not in the I-like-it-you-people-should-watch-it-too tone. I like it in its depiction of relationships that has an expiration date. And it doesn’t make the love not real – it just makes you value it more – because it is time-bound, it is not everlasting and you should make the most of what it is while it lasted. Maybe that is why I said that it can end in the beginning part and I would still like it – because I know those kind of relationships rarely works out but if it does, you should value it.

Halfway through it and I didn’t see the conflict coming, it just seeps through the drama and before I knew it, there we were – broken.

I was also inspired by how Ohn Joon Young picked himself up after the breakup, he was walking nowhere and helpless and in comes the food – which will make him want to become a chef. But the road towards being chef is paved not only with good intentions but also with frustrations and hard work. And I like that it showed you can’t be good at anything at first, you need to be determined to go through and that you need someone’s light – in this case, Se Eun (Kim Yoon Hye).  Side note: I still remember her in You’ve Fallen for Me opposite no other that Kang Min Hyuk!

They made a second lead role depicted so perfectly that you hoped for a happy ending for her as well. When she made that confession after lots of overthinking, hell – I was happy for her! And IF she can make Ohn Joon Young happy then I would accept it as well!

But not everything goes well in dramaland. 🙂 I still remember Ohn Joon Young’s frustration upon seeing pathetic Young Jae: “why can’t she be happy?”

With that ending – I can tell that Joon Young and Young Jae never got back together. They were drawn to each other but they missed the timing. Or they can’t make it work. As the last shot was shown, I was reminded of parallel lines – two people going in the same direction but never intersecting.

Unless in some from of dramaland oddity – an explosion will happen and will force them to intersect – and we hope they can make it work this time. But alas – they didn’t show it. (Still the hopeless romantic me)

So yep. I like it. For its realness. For it making sense. Watch – but not because you want a happy ending. Watch to make your own conclusion about its ending. I didn’t mention her younger sister but I liked that arc too. 🙂


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