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warmth of the snow to the tips of your toes

So I’m back to write away the remaining part of the South Korea trip last November. So where were we?

It was snowing and when the snowfall stopped – we decided to go outside and look for the Hongdae playground – it is a famous spot in many Korean dramas like Mary Stayed Out All Night and A Gentleman’s Dignity. We walked and walked and just see these patches of snow in the road on the sidewalks on plants on everything and white never looked so wonderful as this. But of course the ice was melting and it was slippery when wet but we tread on anyway – I’m wearing a normal sneakers and walking hadn’t felt so harder than that day. 🙂

We finally found the place after we ate at Maikatsu- in front of Hongik University but, but – there was no playground. I’m sure it was supposed to be here but it can’t be found. And suddenly we lost our internet connection and we don’t know why.


Defeated – we walked back (another 20 minutes or so) to our guesthouse to find out why we suddenly had no internet. We passed by a One Piece themed restaurant on our way back.


In the guesthouse – there was also no wi-fi and we don’t know why and while contacting Klook – we both swiftly fallen asleep. Maybe it was the cold or the tiredness from walking – or a combination of both – maybe it is 200x more tiring walking in the cold than it is on a fair weather.

When we woke up – we had an intermittent source of internet so we screenshot everything and decided to go to Namsan Tower (and if time would permit – the DDP also!). Ambitious or fearless of getting lost? I guess fearless would be more apt.

We got off at Myeongdong station and walked towards this hotel and we’re looking for the elevator that would take us up to the cable car heading towards Namsan but walking up and suddenly we were in the back of the line heading to the cable car. It was nearing dusk and there were a lot of people and we don’t know why – maybe it is because it’s a weekend.

Or no. Halfway through the line my friend said that it IS the first snow! And that is the reason why there are a lot of people who wants to go to Namsan tower. Oh, how slow. 😉


I must say – the snow made the Namsan tower more special. We didn’t exactly planned on going to Namsan tower when it snowed really OR we would have put it in another day if we knew that there would be more people around. But I guess all things worked together quite well because even if it was already past dusk and it is dark – the snow somehow illuminated the light and it looks like the place was shining brightly. Sorry not a fan of describing BUT the only con to this utter amazing experience is the slippery slippery wet walkways because of melting snow. At one point I had to walk like a kid, or to slide my way into the path – because who walks into snow with a tropical sneakers? My fault but fortunately water didn’t get inside my shoes or it would have been super cold.


We went to the observatory tower and it was okay – sadly there were no open area – this somehow reminded me of Umeda Sky Building – same feels and same time where you can see the whole city in night lights.


I guess – nothing can top off snowing Namsan Tower. Definitely more than okay but next time I’ll wear snow boots. Haha.

Also we ate a big bucket of popcorn that taste super delicious but not enough to ward off our hunger.

We didn’t go to DDP afterwards because it was already late so we just decided to eat at Myeongdong. When we got down we finally saw the elevator and rode it on the way down.

Capping this coldest day ever in our Seoul trip, we went hunting for the Sinseon Seolleongtang. There was a line outside but we don’t care – let us have our seolleongtang!

And it was unbelievably comforting. The warmth of the food was so comforting and when we tasted the soup, you can feel the warmth all the way to the tips of your toes. My friend even said that the food is like hugging us from this very very cold weather. ❤

I guess that’s it! We went back to our guesthouse filled with happy experiences, of going to places you know you could get lost – only because we rely on internet way too much – but you still do because there is no other way. Like going through life – there is no surefire way to be happy and to get what you want but at the end of the day we still tread on, not knowing what we will find but more likely we’ll find that amazing snow in the most unfamiliar places.

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