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less has become more – but only if you’ll let it

Off to our second to the last day in Seoul and we began crossing off places on our list that we know we won’t have time to come to. It is so much easier done when you think you can go there when you go back to South Korea again – OR – when those places don’t seem to resonate with you much.

this one taken from a subway station – kinda reminds me of goodbye solo

So – we chucked out the palaces from our list. That was the easiest one, also because we don’t want to wear hanbok though (maybe on my second time there in the future) in that very cold weather.

But this day turned out to be the one day where we went to most number of places during our entire vacation in South Korea.

We went first to Bukchon Hanok Village – I know this is where The Heirs and You’ve Fallen for Me filmed and many other countless sageuks maybe. We walked from the subway station and while walking you’ll see a lot of people wearing hanboks. The thing I always love when travelling is the time when you walk to and from your destined places – not a fan of touristly places – walking normally on a foreign land and observe what do people normally look like on their streets, if there were people talking about their lives, those normal things you see that makes you feel one with the place.

The place was okay – almost like Vigan sans the kalesas. I guess it was just and old village and when you walk there be careful because someΒ  people actually lives there and won’t want the noises. This was a place where you can take lots and lots of pictures though – perfect for the people who wants to have instagrammable pictures. (But who am I kidding – we don’t want to remove our hands from our pockets because it was cold)

And then as if we’re tired, we went looking for a place to eat and there was no other thing that came to mind than samgyetang! I swear this is the first trip that I’ve been where the restaurant is included in the itinerary (not that I’m complaining – I haven’t eaten a less than satisfactory food when we’re there)Β and it pays to have a friend who researched about food the same way you researched about places. Travel with those! ❀

me trying to absorb the heat from the sun because it is still cold. see the patched of snow on the bottom left. πŸ™‚

Of course there was a line but don’t let that drive you away, one thing – if there is a line outside a restaurant, they must have been serving excellent food. πŸ™‚ The dining area is traditional, you have to remove your shoes and sit on the floor but the samgyetang is to-die-for OR to-live-for! Never have I tasted such rich dish than that time.

looking at this now and i want to eat this again so badly

We did our best to finish our bowls but I left some soup though – but the table beside us – simot-sarap! – there was no drop of soup left over! Amazing!

After that sumptuous feast, we wanted to just unwind and proceeded to Cheonggyecheon Stream – I don’t know why maybe I’m such a sucker for bodies of water or maybe because I think this is one of the places in Deserving of your Name kdrama (of Kim Nam Gil) – but I’m glad we went here. It was not touristy at all.

You can walk all the way of the stream and at some point there was an event there, a fountain, art installations and and the farther part it seems like you’re not in a city except you’re totally in a city with towering buildings, it was kinda beautiful- injecting nature in the middle of these buildings.

Also I super love those rocky paths that you step on to get to the other side of the river/stream. (saw one of those in Kyoto as well and some of my favorite things)

When we got tired (now it is true) we searched for a coffee shop. And thinking of all the coffees we passed by, we realised that the one near us is Dal.komm coffee. When we got there we were surprised because there were a lot of posters of Goblin and Descendants of the Sun – maybe this is the exact shooting location of those? We really didn’t know and upstairs there is even a photo place. But the place wasn’t swarming with people actually. We spent a good hour there I think – I drank this caramel macchiato.


We went to Miniso nearby but we haven’t bought any stuff though. Last on our itinerary is the Dongdaemun Design Plaza and there was a hefty amount of walking there from the subway station. For real.

random people doing random stuff

When we finally reached the place I was awestruck because there is this huge pack of land dedicated to art, to design, to everything creative and it was an oasis for artists. Except that it was really huge so it will take a lot of walking when we actually only want to see the DDP Rose Garden.

This Keith Haring exhibit caught my eye – maybe because if I remembered it right – he vandalled on roads of Omotesando in Tokyo for his art. πŸ™‚ Fearless!

Anyhow the rooftop is also a nice place to go to in DDP. The place is so huge you can’t cover it at one day and I doubt you’d want to though. If you’re not a hardcore art enthusiast it might bore you after some time. But the exhibits were kinda cool though.

When we can’t take it anymore, we asked where is the DDP Rose Garden (also since its dusk) and they pointed us in the right direction. Can’t remember thought if it was far left or far right. Haha

And then there it is! The DDP Rose Garden (which I first saw in Tricia Gosingtian’s IG) but then this is also where Hwayugi filmed – that scene where Samjang finally remembered LSG’s name and screamed “Son Oh Gong” to save her. πŸ™‚

And just when we’re heading back I saw this designed piano (like the ones they features in piano push play) and I just can’t help but take a photo with this piano and tried and failed miserably to play a piece. If I will have enough time, guts and money I would really love to learn how to play piano (Nodame feels).

Lastly, we went to Lotte Mart (near Seoul Station) so we could get at least buy all the things we want (as pasalubongs) or for us only but the jokes on us because, it turns out, Lotte Mart is closed during the second and fourth Sunday of the month. (This was the fourth Sunday of November)

Defeated, we just went and ate in Lotteria just because we can no longer think where to eat but also because we wanted to know how it feels to eat in a fast food in Seoul.

The day ended when we went back to Hongdae and it feels really alive because there were musicians busking – the one we watched even gave away free copies of his CDs – we didn’t understand what he’s saying so we did rush to get those freebies. 😦

There I guess that’s it! The second to the last day in Seoul. And when you think of it, less is really more. We crossed off a lot of places that we initially wanted to go but since there were no more time we crossed that off but what we gained was more. More time to take in every place we go to, more time to stroll and wander, more time to walk and observe. To reflect. Some days you have to drill down what you really want, in order to have what you really love. This day is those kind of days.

Less has become more. And I can’t argue with it.

this has been my home for five days and six nights

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