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Dorama Roundup Q1 2019

What’s life lately? I still cannot make that one decision I’ve been meaning to ever since last year. I can’t tell – I’ll be holed up in our house for four days (it started yesterday) because of the holidays so this might be a good time to finally list down what I’ve been up to – in terms of these Kdramas. 🙂

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To start off – I’ve watched Welcome to Waikiki earlier this year BUT I had watched  snippets of it when my little sister was watching it last year. It was funny – more than funny. ^_^ Waikiki rung a bell because at that time I was watching the Hawaii season of Terrace House and they will often mention Waikiki in passing.

What I really like in Welcome to Waikiki is that I was able to watch this at my own pace – whenever I have time and it doesn’t force you to marathon everything in one sitting, it doesn’t do cliffhangers but it is not boring either. If anything, it is the very opposite of boring~ I’ll give you that.

Each episode has a story to tell but the drama as a whole is not a story of dream come true BUT a story of struggling to reach for your dreams – even that ending is a perfect way to end the drama – that we’re all here trying to make something of our dreams. It is reality coupled with funny scenes, gross things that are somewhat part of our daily life – it doesn’t romanticise the “reach for your dreams” theme but depicts it in a reality made funnier and comical.

Give me a story of dreams, of friendship, of struggles – add in a lot of humour and I’m all sold.

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 12.15.25 PM

Next up is the much anticipated (for me and my sister, I guess) drama of Lee Jong Suk: Romance is a Bonus Book. I particularly like most of LJS’s dramas – here is an actor who has a knack for choosing very good dramas. Not a lot of actors have that. But in this drama I was surprised that his role took a backseat – it was blended well in the story and doesn’t have its own light but the light of the other characters. Like the moon, I guess. And to quote the drama, “The moon is beautiful.”

There are so many things I liked in this drama – the love of books, that story of getting back on your feet, having your ‘my person’ (to borrow from Grey’s Anatomy), and my life-long dream of being part of something wonderful – like publishing one book.

In all ways, it touched my heart and I was already crying in the first episode- that scene where Dan-I is trying to get a job and then it showed her in different jobs and it was supposed to be funny with all the music and dancing but all I can feel is the struggle to make it work and hoping for the light at the end of this very dark and gloomy tunnel.

It is a not a show that tries to be everything – it is just great in its own way and I like it for that. Plus the OST! It made me remember all the things I love in Kdramas, cliches and a lot of things! Like that botany book at the end. It is not a book that will be a best seller but to the one who will love it – it will be valued greatly. ❤ I like those kinds of dramas. Not of quantity but of quality. The moon is beautiful.


After the incessant bugging of my little sister to watch Beautiful Gong-Shim, I finally had the time to watch it. (And also thank you to Netflix- where I watched all these three kdramas. :)) She said that if I liked Nam Goong Min in Chief Kim – I should watch Gong-Shim since this is where it all started.

I was a bit hesitant because I don’t ever want to forget Nam Goong Min as Chief Kim. His role in Girl Who Sees Smells as a perfect psychopath really ruined how I see him and for once I was able to remember him as this bright and funny guy – Chief Kim. And I don’t want to change it yet.

This is another drama of dreams but also somewhat makjang with those long lost heir, chaebol and kidnapping plots. I really love Gong Shim/Ahn Dan Tae/ Suk Jun Soo whenever they get together. For me that defined this drama. Though I was a bit bored towards the end that’s threatening for me not to finish it – but I’m thankful that I did not because it is still good. Kdramas need not be perfect. If they were, then what would separate the perfect from the not?

If I could connect all these three dramas, I could come up with one theme: struggle. But the good kind of struggle – because in life, there are a lot of things that don’t make sense and we can’t control but we still continue. We must.

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