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my heart took a roller coaster… and it has been a while

Have you ever watched something so wonderful that you just want to pause and be awed by its ingenuity? This is my current state now. I had never watched a kdrama that I love so much as this!

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 5.05.56 PM

Granted, that there are those classics, those kdramas that I watched very early and what made me enter the world of korean dramas in the first place – that’d be Queen Seon Deok – the first kdrama that we marathoned. This was not the first kdrama that I watched, before QSD I am only watching kdramas on what is being shown on TV (with dubs and cuts) and I don’t have much choice but QSD is the first one that I watched episode after episode and I even declined social life (there was a time back then after a very dreary departmental exam, my friends wanted to eat out but I declined and said I’ll go home early only to watch QSD). And then the ending affected me so much I was sad for a few days. Those first few kdramas that I watched online – I still love them even if they were not as brilliant as Healer or Signal or Iris. (ehem, Mary Stayed Out All Night)

And then after that I’ll get a lot of dramas that I love but can’t help but there would always be one thing that makes that drama imperfect. Two things came to mind are I Hear Your Voice and Reply 1997 which is brilliant but I realise it just stretched on towards the end. There will always be that one thing that I will be nitpicking but for this one – The Fiery Priest – there was none.

I’ll admit, I was late to this party. I just started it seven days ago and I didn’t expect that it would come over me this good! Even the OST which is really not my type of genre grows on me. ❤ I watched it mainly because of Kim Nam Gil and I thought it will just be at par with his last drama Live Up to Your Name – which is good but did not so much affect me.

But this one made me read all the comments on every episode and made me read the posts on its soompi forum and made me listen to its OST on spotify and search up pictures and gifs online. There’s no helping it – I was in too deep in this drama than what I intended. But why not? It was amazing and for once I was delighted to find a drama so brilliant it was not a romcom or melodrama or detective BUT a comedy/crime series – those kinds don’t always work but it did so and very wonderfully in this series. 🙂 I felt like it was a combination of Waikiki + Healer. 🙂

And who am I kidding – it was Kim Nam Gil! ❤ Let me just say it: I am happy for KNG – finally! His character didn’t have to die! (But this dying streak already ended in Live Up to Your Name but still) And also that this is his best drama so far after Queen Seon Deok and I hope he’ll get an award for this!

Story-wise, the drama is good, others will tell you that it just kept on repeating like Hae Il  (Kim Nam Gil) will expose the bad and corrupt only to be buried by how the corrupt plays the media/money repeat 3x 4x but what they don’t realise is how it was done. I didn’t feel like it was repeated, if anything, it felt like a journey, because each of the ‘little arc’ is different, they will learn something new, they will gain an ally. It started with only Hae Il but towards the end we have the whole Team Tsunami!

Screen Shot 2019-04-21 at 5.07.22 PM

And it also made good use of its characters – it kinda made you believe at first that we have this whole town of bad and corrupt people but as I go through with it I didn’t realise how much those characters grow on me – darn, even the bob cut thug which I hate very well at the beginning turned to those characters that I wanted to be redeemed at the end. Every character has its reckoning force in the story.

How could I forget Honey Lee’s “Phoenix Sun! Seon! Seon!” complete with action?! And then whenever they are going to raid the enemy’s place they will have this march complete with the OST and I love it even if it is repeated all over the series! 🙂

Kim Nam Gil pulled off a lot of different faces here: priest, NIS agent, very beautiful girl (you can’t help it when your oppa dresses as a girl and become more prettier) and that gambler sidekick and the very serious bad guy look at the end.


But what’s amazing is that even if KNG is amazing and so much more amazing in this series, and even if he is the lead, he didn’t outshine all the other actors and actresses, (even they did a lot of roleplaying) everyone was so amazing it’s hard to choose which one was the best (from KNG to Honey Lee to Ko Joon to Sung Kyun – I might list them all now haha) because that is their power: their teamwork – being able to mesh well together to create this wonderful series that I am currently loving! ❤ And the brilliant shenanigans and whatnots that made laugh my way throughout the show.

It was not too heavy even if it shows corruption and how everything was being manipulated by those in power, it depicts so in such a way that it shows the reality but with a light light touch of comedy that could very much go wrong but they perfected the balance of how they will be mixed. My heart didn’t feel too heavy because of the funny scenes except at the first where we’ll still establishing the main conflict or towards the last where I’d be hardhearted if those didn’t affect me at all but no, scratch that, my heart made a roller coaster ride from laughingfest to cryingfest to angerfest and I like it. Never had my heart been touched by a drama so hard I had to write about it the instant I finished it. They perfected the balance!

I still have a lot of things that I love and like about this drama but I’m afraid I cannot list them all. So leaving this post with this. Because how apt – the last episode was aired nearing Easter:

Repentance. Forgiveness. Innate goodness of people. Some of the themes included in this series. Very apt that it ended on Easter. ❤

And so I will wait for the season two. Sincerely hoping with the same cast! 🙂

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