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hana nochi hare: hanadan next season

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TBH I hesitated watching this show – well, it aired last year so I hesitated for over a year. Did I regret it? Not really – if anything, I was thankful that I found a right time for me to watch this and appreciate it. If there was one thing that I learned over the years in watching doramas is that some series you should watch once it airs and some you don’t because if you force yourself you’ll not be able to enjoy watching it – and that’s an extreme waste of time.

Hana Nochi Hare is not the continuation of Hanadan – so don’t expect the same characters – but we can’t help it right? I squealed when they showed Hanazawa Rui in light pink hoodie no less and in a matter of seconds I wanted to watch Hanadan series all over again!

Mainly, it’s like the second generation where the story once again revolves around the students of Eitoku Academy but with great addition: they have their competitor – the Momozono Academy.

A lot of people were bashing the heroine’s character saying that her indecision is dragging the show but really, maybe because I’m too old now or that I’ve grown a lot – I can empathise with her. The hero/ heroines in this series were not perfect as every person can ever be BUT I deign a lot of understanding because look at them – they’re only in high school – and from what I can remember all my high school problems were trivial. So their problems of wanting to protect Eitoku’s dignity but no knowing how, or to make persons you love smile even if you can not reach for your own happiness. Their emotions and what they are doing are perfectly valid.

C’mon it’s 2019 let’s be kinder to the heroes/heroines of the shows!

Props to the show because they showed a lot of Ebisu Garden Place – I went to Tokyo not long before watching this and when they show places in Tokyo it feels like I was once again transported back and I really miss Tokyo now though. And also even if we went to Ebisu Garden Place for less than an hour – I enjoyed the place. 🙂

And how can I ever forget – there is a severe case of second lead syndrome in this series. Be prepared. I’ve fallen so many many times in this syndrome and no one had warned me before watching this so yeah guard your hearts but at the end of the series I was shipping Tenma X Airin – even if they only had one conversation! ^_^

Lastly, since I don’t want to write a very long post about Hana Nochi Hare, I liked the show, really, and watch it, only if you’re curious on what is the next generation of Hanadan is but never ever compare it to Hanadan – it’s obvious nothing can top Hanadan and even if there is, Hanadan will still win because it’s a classic! So yeah Hanadan will always have a special place in my heart, along with my youth.

I like the show and the characters – everyone here – except maybe Koe but in the end there is still redemption for him. And I feel for Oto – what made me like her is was that time when she made time for Haruto’s confession and turned it down because she doesn’t want to get Haruto’s hopes up. Their friendship is also something to appreciate because they are just working on becoming better versions of themselves – Haruto and Oto. Believing in the best of each other – I like those scenes where they show Haruto and Oto’s thoughts that resonates with each other at the same time and even them saying the same things at the same time. They were lucky they found each other early in their life. Haha.

That’s it. I am glad that I finally was able to watch this show. It is not one of those you-can’t-miss-this! kind of show but one of those i’m-glad-i-was-able-to-appreciate-it! kind of show because who am I kidding – in all these years of watching korean and japanese doramas, I only want one thing – that the show would touch my heart. And this show did. ❤

P.S. Oh no, I remembered Honey and Clover and how I never got to finish it because I cannot find a decent server before. (Hello videos that have six parts!?) Who knows if I can find it now?

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