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for the youth feels: good morning call and sassy go go

I was bored and I just played whatever is on my list on Netflix and here are the two most recent thing that I watched there:

Good Morning Call 1 & 2
I just watched this mainly because it a Japanese dorama – I know I’m biased when it comes to Japanese series but really I just want its lightness. And it was nice – but also because I remember my recent trip to Tokyo and this was shot in Meguro and darn, I love that Naka-Meguro river park and also because I wanted to learn more Nihongo as well. But the story – and feels- is almost similar to Mischievous Kiss, only the heroine is much more tolerable here. I did not hate her but I almost did so at the latter part of season one where she just CAN’T be assured that the guy loves her. Darn!

And also surpise! From the first scene he was in – I immediately recognized Kentaro! (watched him as one of the hosts in Terrace House: Aloha State). I like his role though. And then the second season that will again trigger second-lead-syndrome, what is up with Jdoramas nowadays, have they only recently discovered the secret of many second-lead-syndrome tropes? But seriously though, I love that second lead. There. My ship always sinks. 😦

The only thing that I really wanted to remember is the reason why Uehara became drawn to Nao. That was when the girls bullied her and she’s so angry, she said that when a person tries his hardest, you shouldn’t say poor you and take pity on that person – that person doesn’t need your pity. Instead, say “Good work!” or “Good job!” or other similar things because those persons who struggle only needs reassurance that they are doing well in striving to be better. ❤

Now I guess I’ll be looking for that famed morinaga milk pudding in my upcoming trip to Fukuoka.


Sassy Go Go
I mainly watched just because I wanted to see Jung Eun Ji.

But this series will probably more apt for younger ones – those who are still in school and trying to find their own paths in this cruel world. Confession: I watched that first episode where the heroine just went crazy and got sick of the injustice and just upped and quit and walked out and I really really really wanted to be as badass as that or as reckless as that for once in my life.

My favorite character is Dong Jae just because. And those strawberry flavored milk drink!

And yes this drama is not a good one but I watched only for the feels and technicalities – maybe that’s why I cannot say anything good about this.

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