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happy mail x rainbowholic patreon rewards

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Exhibit A: You can see what made me survive the first half of 2019 – I put out the remaining happiness in my entire being into those pages of my journal hoping that it will burn bright, that it will somehow spew magic dust in my life and somehow I will fly. But then as the second half commenced – I no longer have the energy or I can no longer exert the effort and time to create something like that.

And as if the powers-that-be cannot take my stagnancy any longer, I got my long-awaited happy mail: the June patreon reward from rainbowholic.

Excuse my commercial break but I’ve been waiting for this in the whole month of August and I got so worried that it got lost in the mail and I’ll be darned to not receive it. But no – it was here and at that point I was so grateful to the person who still delivers mail to our house because face it or not – in this digital age or the age of ninjavan/LBC/xend – who would still thru snailmail in Manila aka Philpost?

Anyhow back to my main point – which is to write my thoughts about my first mail from rainbowholic’s patreon.

the mail that travelled from the land of my dreams to bring me happiness

I’ve been a lurker of rainbowholic’s patreon for a year and then last March, I guess – I just pledged a small amount to just try and then come June which is my birth month and I am feeling entirely splurgeous (which there is not really a word like that) so I started to pledge with the mailable rewards and it was actually worth the wait.

So here it is:


As you can see from above, it is decorated with a lot of stickers on the front and at the back and it really is true to what is says: “Packed with love from Japan.” 🙂

The mail was in a bubble wrap so your mailable rewards are safe. And then when I open it, there is a blue green envelope (with the sunflower washi I will guess is from Abbey Sy’s collection – forgive me if I’m wrong) and then upon opening it you will get the mini-fan (idk what it’s called in Japanese) with its very kawaii design. ^_^ And also a heartfelt thank you letter from Kaila and Aki.


Inside is a bunch of stationeries and of course, the journal sticker kit designed by Kaila – this one contains quotes to inspire. It also has a mini envelope and a Tokyo City stamp sticker. What I love about this is its hydrangea theme which is my favorite flower and it made me relive last June when I went to Fukuoka and saw all the beautiful colors of hydrangeas in every corner we went to.


And then I couldn’t help but notice that this package has a very nice smell and I thought at first that these were all scented stationeries but later I found out the culprit! It was this Karel Capek strawberry tea – which is again my favorite fruit – I don’t know how many favorites I have but seeing two in a package is a rarity. There is also a candy and another powdered ice sticker pack and of course, a very very very kawaii sticker designed by chichilittle – when I have some extra money in the future I would like to pledge to her also.


The package is designed with washi samples in front and back and it was double purpose – it makes up for a very kawaii design on the package but also it is the washi samples included in the mailable rewards and if that is not resourceful I don’t know what is that.


I also ordered the Nihongo flashcards stationery pack so this was included. If you order from rainbowholic’s online store and if you are also a rainbowholic patreon you can get a discount on shipping and it will be delivered together, so why not, right?

All in all I am happy with this mailable reward. There has to be a great amount of effort into curating what needs to be included as rewards every month, and then, purchasing them and then packing them individually – and not machine packing – but packing them with love (because it was kinda evident when you receive this mail – you will feel it) and after all of that she will still go to the post office to mail each of them.

So yes, this makes me happy. Being her patreon certainly is a good deal – on top of that – I get to have a sneak peak into life in Japan, journalling videos and a lot of inspirational posts on how to achieve your dreams. ^_^

I cannot wait to use this and go back to my kawaii journaling.

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