letters to the future

the world is so messed up

I am watching a tv series earlier and I got so sad that why do adults play dirty?

Why do people use other people’s weakness to further their own agenda?

How can I bring up a child into this world that I don’t know if this world will still be here fifty years from now? Would I want them to be hopeful and see their idealism break when they discover that “it doesn’t work that way you imagined”?

I see my life and how I’ve lived only for myself and how can I add up value when maybe I just have to not add up to the messiness of the world.

It is really messed up and a while ago I was just bothered by trivial things but now what do I do?

How can we make the world a better place?

Other people write songs but only few gets heard.

I can only write but not being able to do anything – I feel like I am on the verge of being apathetic towards this all and yet I can feel my heart breaking because the world seems so fucked up.

When I was young I imagined that when I’m older things will get easier. Now that I’m older everything seems more complex. And I can’t contribute anything to the world even less so when I was younger. How cruel is that.

Idk. Maybe someday our hopes will come nearer than it was today. Maybe we might be able to grasp it, somehow. Just like how I wish I can go to outer space after I’ve watched Star Wars.

Don’t lose hope even when your very hope loses its hope on you.

Maybe we’ll make it – maybe not, maybe we don’t want to make it and we just wanna—.

*inspired by The Kids from Yesterday by My Chemical Romance*
*Maybe I’ll make up a story where the world fights back the dirty adults*

(I know I’m one of the adults now and not doing anything to stop them play dirty is the same as not fighting back but how can we not let them play dirty?)

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